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Choose plastic cups with stress


Abst:The choice of what kind of glass is good

Plastic cups for its changing shape, bright colors, not afraid of beating characteristic, by many people, especially those in favor of the motion. However, there are people on the health and safety of drinking cups used in daily life is still ignored, and even the existence of errors, then, faced with an array of brands and types, the choice of what kind of glass is good? Face of the market PC and PP material the cups, in the end which is more safe?

Know plastic material

PC both polycarbonate, is one of the most common plastic, the material itself is non-toxic, especially for the manufacture of multi-bottle, space cup, and because it contains bisphenol A controversial. In theory, as long as the conversion of bisphenol A hundred percent into a plastic structure in the production process of the PC, it would mean no bisphenol A products, will become no health threat. But, if a small amount of bisphenol A did not translate into the plastic structure of the PC, it may be released into the food or drinks, the threat of users, particularly health and safety of young people. PP is an abbreviation for polypropylene, it has good heat resistance, the article can be sterilized at a temperature above 100 ℃, under the condition without outside, 150 ℃ not deformed, is one of the most common plastic microwave . But careful investigation will find that the market PC material products more often than PP material selling expensive products, customers often ran "the more expensive the better the quality" concept to the selection, in fact, the price difference is due to the current market one ton of PC the price is much higher than the price of one ton PP. We compared the two materials will find, PP wear worse than the PC, so the production of transparent glass, generally used as the material of PC, PC products to be more beautiful than that of PP products. But from a security point of view, the processing temperature of PP plastic manufacture reaches 180 ~ 240 ℃, boiling water so it will not break down, so the PP is more secure than the PC.

PC cups filled water will harm you?

Digital bottom of the cup is the cup 7 is made of polycarbonate, that PC. General PC material plastic cups can withstand a temperature of -30-140 ℃, but it is the physical properties of materials, saying only that this material is in such temperatures will not crack, melt. But when we depart from the food safety point of view you will find that with the higher the temperature, PC residual bisphenol A release will be more, and the faster the speed. The reason there is so PC health threat because at high temperatures it will release bisphenol A, so that people "dreaded" bisphenol A in the end is the story behind it? Bisphenol A (BPA) is industrially often used synthetic materials such as epoxy resins and PC. In modern industry, the bisphenol A can be said to be everywhere from water bottles, medical devices into food packaging, and has its presence. Each year, the world will produce nearly plastic containing bisphenol A 2700 tons. While it is very useful to industry, but human harm is not small, according to studies of bisphenol A can cause endocrine disorders, there may even lead to cancer and metabolic disorders caused by obesity. The EU believes that bottles containing bisphenol A may induce precocious puberty, from March 2, 2011, to ban the production of chemical substances containing bisphenol A baby bottles. Thus, under the best conditions allow not equipped with PC material cup hot water, not placed in the microwave oven.

Inspection and quarantine departments to consumers advice:

1. When you buy plastic cups, read the instructions carefully, and follow the instructions for use.

2. do not have dishwashers, dish dryer clean kettle. If they are damaged or deformed, it is best not to use, because the plastic surface if slightly grooved, susceptible to bacteria.

3. Some glass is colored, which indicates that in the process of plastic masterbatch is added, it is recommended to minimize the use of this cup.

4. Do not use the PC material heating products, not in direct sunlight. Except as described in the microwave oven can be added to, or do not use the microwave packaging. Some plastic cup cup cup lid and body are different plastic materials products, while consumers should pay attention to. More information, please visit:

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