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Do not ignore the concerns of food safety vessel


Abst:In the end what kind of containers holding food that was safe?

In the end what kind of containers holding food that was safe?

Plastic bags of hot grease "toxic"

Daily life, the plastic bag to the public has brought great convenience, the use of plastic bags containing food is also very common, especially in some snack stall To eliminate the trouble of cleaning and disinfection bowl, plastic bags directly set in the bowl containing food . So safe? What kind of plastic bags containing food was relatively safe?

Common plastic material mainly PE, PET, PVC, PP, etc., can be used to hold food bags, made mostly PE or PP. However, with a plastic bag containing the food temperature is relatively high, and is rich in fat, the can easily cause the plasticizer contained in the plastic bag or some small organic molecules migrate into the food, the human intake can affect health. If poor quality plastic bags, too thin, melt-in food, more serious harm.

Therefore, we recommend that the public is best not using plastic bags containing hot, high fat content of food, such as spicy hot, hot fritters and the like.

Before use of plastic bags containing food, plastic material shall carefully review whether a foreign body, feel rough, or smell. Such bags may be processed from waste plastics made easy endanger human health.

Buy stainless steel products look "identity card"

"Stainless steel electric kettle Line 'high manganese steel' material, the heating process will precipitate 'manganese' long-term use would cause harm ......" Some time ago, so that a report on the website, micro-channel circle of friends crazy pass. Because of concern about the continuing increase, followed by a news report said the message "exaggerated", some professionals said that "stainless steel kettle to boil water, resulting in the precipitation of manganese is almost impossible."

Food stainless steel products are divided into two categories, one category of Food Containers, one for the stainless steel cutlery. State food stainless steel products, there are strict criteria. Food contact stainless steel products, the packaging should be marked with the materials and steel, state regulations, since November 21, 2011 began, the manufacturer must be marked stainless steel category and the words "food contact" on the product.

Do not use a stainless steel container long bloom salt, soy sauce, vinegar, soup, etc., not stainless steel pot pot medicine without baking soda, bleach and other cleaning stainless steel products, in order to avoid harmful metal elements are dissolved out.

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