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Abst:Edible PP plastic bowls formability

PP plastic bowls, also known as food grade PP plastic bowls, it is one of the sub-station home boutique College united net of all registered users Triangle Universities Network sub-station can be used to buy more favorable price This PP food grade plastic bowls, and the wholesale price higher user level obtained is also lower, but also be able to enjoy the free delivery service nationwide Triangle Universities network to provide sub-station, and does not affect the secondary sales can be returned Triangle network service commitments so buy truly worry no burden.


Polypropylene (PP plastic) is another fine nylon resin Following the development of varieties, it is a high-density, non-linear polymer side chain, high crystallization will, with excellent overall performance. When not colored white translucent, waxy; lighter than polyethylene. Transparency is also better than the polyethylene, hardened than polyethylene. Food grade PP is direct contact with food plastic (products). Plastic bowl with food grade PP material refined, bowl screw-type body design, sized smooth, with a sense of fashion, home PP material properties

Product Description ⒈ material: As consumer emphasis on health increasing, PP plastic bowls concern itself with whether the material health. Health, safety materials, harmful to humans is the production of food grade PP material PP plastic bowls materials. 2. Appearance: Excellent quality PP plastic bowls look shiny and beautiful in design, no glitches. 3. Heat: PP plastic bowl heat resistance is relatively high, in hot water will not be deformed, even in boiling water disinfection. 4. Durable: PP plastic bowls to have superior impact resistance, weight or impact is not easy broken, do not leave scratches. 5. Seal: This is the choice that PP plastic bowls primary consideration. Although different brands of different products sealed way, but excellent sealing is a necessary condition for lasting memory of food preservation. 6. preservation: the international standard is based on the determination of the seal through the humidity test to be judged, high-quality PP plastic bowls than similar products of low moisture permeability 200 times more time to keep things fresh. 7. Save Space: rational design, PP plastic bowls of various sizes can be placed in an orderly manner, combination, kept tidy, space-saving. 8. Microwave heating: can be heated directly in the microwave food, more convenient. 9. versatility, diversity: the need for a design life of different sizes, different properties of PP plastic bowls, to make life more convenient.

PP material properties

Edible PP plastic bowls density

PP is all synthetic resin density of the smallest, only 0.90 ~ 0.91g / cm3, a density of about 60% PVC. This means that with the same weight of raw materials can produce a greater number of the same volume of product.

Edible PP plastic bowls mechanical properties

PP tensile strength and rigidity are better, but the impact strength is poor, especially poor impact resistance at low temperatures. In addition, if the presence of products forming orientation or stress, will be significantly reduced impact strength. Although the impact strength is poor, but after filling enhancement or modification, the mechanical properties in many areas can compete with higher-cost engineering plastics.

Edible PP plastic bowls surface hardness

The surface hardness of the PP in the case of low five common plastics, only better than some of PE. When a high degree of crystallinity, a corresponding increase in the hardness of some, but not as PVC, PS, ABS and so on. Thermal properties in five common plastics, PP heat resistance is the best. PP plastic products can work long hours at 100 ℃, in the absence of external force, PP is not deformed article is heated to 150 ℃ when. The nucleating agent is used to improve the crystallinity of PP, the heat resistance can be further improved, and even be used to make in a microwave oven for heating food containers.

Edible PP plastic bowls chemical stability

Excellent chemical stability of PP, most acids, bases, salts, oxidants are significant inertia. For example, in 100 ℃ of concentrated phosphoric acid, hydrochloric acid, 40% sulfuric acid and their salts are stable in solution, only a handful of strong oxidants such as fuming sulfuric acid so that it may change. However, in some non-polar organic solvents dissolve or swell easily.

Edible PP plastic bowls good processability

PP belongs crystalline polymers, a temperature less than its particles do not melt, like PE or PVC as during the heating process as the softening temperature increases. Once you reach a certain temperature, PP particles melt quickly, within a few degrees can be completely converted to a molten state. PP melt viscosity is relatively low, thus forming good fluidity, especially when high melt viscosity of the melt flow rate is smaller, suitable for large thin-walled injection molding products, such as washing machines inside the barrel. PP after leaving the die, if the air is cooled slowly, it will generate a large grain size, low product transparency. Fruit is quenched in water (as tubular quench legal film), PP molecular motion is rapidly frozen and can not generate crystals, this time the film is completely transparent. PP mold shrinkage is relatively large, reaching more than 2%, far greater than the ABS plastic (0.5%). PP mold shrinkage can be added along with other kinds of material and how much change, it needs to be carefully considered in the production of injection molded article having a mating dimensions. Habitat supplies in the hugely popular.

Edible PP plastic bowls formability

⒈ Crystalline material, moisture absorption, prone to melt fracture, long-term metal exposure and thermal decomposition.

⒉ Good mobility, but the large shrink scope and contraction value, prone to shrinkage. Dents, deformation.

⒊ Cooling speed, gating system and cooling system should be slow to heat, and pay attention to controlling the molding temperature. low temperature material directions clear direction. when cold high pressure is particularly evident, the mold temperature is below 50 degrees, the plastic is not smooth, easy to produce poor welding, leaving marks, 90 degrees prone to warpage

⒋ Plastic wall thickness shall be uniform to avoid the lack of rubber, sharp corners to prevent stress concentration.

Edible PP plastic bowl PP material application

PP material can be used to make many products, such as cups, bowls and other daily necessities, people's lives become an indispensable material. More information, please visit:

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