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Good selection of ease of use plastic cups plastic cups


Abst:A good choice plastic cup method

Plastic cups is very common in daily life one cup, but recently because the plastic often add a plasticizer, which contains a number of toxic chemicals, plastics and internal microscopic structure has many pores, the growth of bacteria and other reasons, gradually not so popular, but plastic cups is lightweight and aesthetically pleasing, but also easy to break, and the price is relatively affordable, glass is still very good choice, so a good buy, we are still safe to use.

Here we introduce a good choice plastic cup method:

See Usage

Cups cup will be marked with use, so the glass to choose "food" for the job, other uses of the cup marked try not to buy used, or would adversely affect the health. If there is no mark-purpose plastic cups do not buy.

See Materials

Glass cup material determines the quality is good or bad, in general, silicone resin is better, followed by polypropylene particles (pp), this kind of material, high temperature, low temperature resistance are strong, the former temperature range is - 40 degrees --- 200 degrees, which is -20 degrees --- 120 degrees.

Smell the smell

Good plastic cups, even if the new smell will not be a very special smell, but some low-grade plastic cups, see a close you can smell the pungent taste of poor quality plastic or rubber smell, indicating that the cup quality is poor, try not buy.

See the production permission flag

Front glass production requires a special license issued by the agency, so the glass bottle is marked with "QS" sign production license, although the flag is not determined cup quality is good or bad, but there are signs of this glass can consider buying. And the colors of the flag to be pure, clear pattern, guard against counterfeiting.

Watch manufacturer, address and contact information, etc.

Regular manufacturers of glass will clearly identify the specific manufacturer, producing address, distributors, and other contact details. The glass above information is often ambiguous poor or no similar information.

Observe the bottom of the cup number

The bottom of the general plastic products are clearly labeled number used as the glass is quite reassuring number 5 or 7,5 PP is polypropylene, high melting point of 167 ℃, is the only place in microwave plastic products, can be carefully cleaned after repeated use. 7 is a PC other classes, common water bottle, space cup, bottle and the like. But this kind of glass design is not good, after heating it is easy to release toxic substances bisphenol A, harmful. So select the bottom of the glass No. 5 is relatively safe. About this before we have a special article, we are interested can take a closer look.

See Price

Good quality plastic cups are not cheap, prone to tens of dollars, so it is a few dollars cheaper plastic cup quality is difficult to guarantee. You can buy plastic cups when promotion can be cheaper. For their own health, or to select quality and cheap.

Finally, we attach cup cleaning small coup: cup each use if they can immediately wash the best, if it feels too much trouble, should be cleaned at least once a day, you can wash before going to sleep at night, then dry. When cleaning the glass, not only to clean cup, Beibi and bottom of the cup should not be ignored, especially the bottom of the cup, is often not clean, can precipitate a lot of bacteria and miscellaneous dirt. Remind female friends, lipstick not only contain chemicals and can easily adsorption in the air of harmful substances and pathogens, harmful substances into the body will drink water, so the remaining cup lipstick must be cleaned. Simply rinse water when washing the cup is not enough, the best brush with a brush. Further, since the detergent is an important component of chemical synthesis agent, should be careful, pay attention to rinse with water. To clean stained with a lot of greasy dirt or dirt cup of tea can be squeezed toothpaste on the brush, brushed back and forth in the cup. Since both toothpaste detergent, there are very fine abrasive agents, residual material is easy to clean, but will not lose bottom of the cup. More information, please visit:

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