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How to buy plastic boxes


Abst:As consumer emphasis on health increasing, concern themselves with plastic boxes material is healthy

Buy plastic boxes

⒈ Plastic boxes material: As consumer emphasis on health increasing, concern themselves with plastic boxes material is healthy. Health, safety materials, harmful to humans, such as PC material, PE materials and PP materials, plastic boxes more common material is PP material.

2. Microwave heating: plastic lunch boxes can be heated directly in the microwave food, more convenient.

3. Plastic boxes Appearance: Excellent quality plastic boxes look shiny and beautiful in design, no glitches.

4. Heat: plastic boxes of heat resistance requirements are relatively high, in hot water will not be deformed, even in boiling water disinfection.

5. Durable: plastic boxes to have excellent impact resistance, weight or impact is not easy broken, do not leave scratches.

Plastic storage boxes

Different shapes to store different things, easier to use. In addition to the common square, rectangular, circular, and specially designed suits for the picnic, so that life becomes more simple and convenient.

Square plastic boxes: suitable for storing a variety of condiments, leftover food, and the rest of canned fruits and vegetables.

Rectangular plastic boxes: suitable for storing bacon, meat. Large capacity rectangular plastic boxes for preservation of fruits, vegetables and seafood.

Round plastic boxes: suitable for storing a variety of condiments, canned fruits, grains, nuts, tea and other foods.


⒈ Ordinary plastic plastic lunch box and not in the microwave oven, because the high temperature plastics can produce harmful substances. If you frequently use microwave cooking, the best selection of polycarbonate (PC) plastic boxes of materials; high temperature of around 70 degrees continuous sterilization washing, please do not exceed 20 to 30 minutes, Common dishwasher heat at the bottom of the site, opposite for the upper part by indirect heat transfer, and therefore the upper part of the cleaning in the dishwasher as well. Made of polypropylene plastic products although the heat at very high temperatures, however, if prolonged heating, then the product will be stretched and deformed. Thus, after cleaning, immediately use it, keep the plastic lunch box into the cold water soak re-use, which is a good way to prevent deformation. Further toughened plastic boxes in the face of extreme cold and extreme heat may explode.

⒉ Different foods to save time is different, do not rely solely on the ability to seal plastic lunch boxes, should be consumed as soon as possible. P.P (polypropylene) plastic boxes, when used in a microwave oven can be heated in a short time, however, can not be used as cooking containers used in a microwave oven. (Heating for a short time when thawing time not more than three minutes.)


⒊ Into the microwave, you must first loosen the lid engagement means re-use. After locking the cover used, plastic boxes due to pressure deformed or burst. When used in the microwave if the food sub-oil and sugar were the case, in the case of rapid temperature rise, it will make plastic boxes deformed.

⒋ When cleaning plastic boxes, use relatively soft sponge, do not use hard dishwashing cloth to avoid leaving scratches plastic boxes discoloration. When cleaning Silicon resin liner lid and the container, please do not use pull Supporter, otherwise it will break or longer.

⒌ Hot food will make the expansion of the air, so that the sealing performance of plastic lunch boxes down and should therefore be stored after the food cool. Carbonated beverages (soft drinks, cola, etc.) the ability of the bubble will seal plastic boxes loss, do not keep it stored in a plastic lunchbox.

Use plastic boxes

⒈ Carbonated beverages (soft drinks, cola, etc.) will bubble plastic boxes loss, blistering food or fermented foods, hot food will make plastic boxes and other sealing performance degradation, try to avoid storing in a plastic lunch box such food.

⒉ When used in the microwave, if the amount of oil and sugar in food more than words, in the case of rapid temperature rise, will make plastic boxes deformed. Therefore, heating the food, preferably with microwave oven box.

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