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What is Plastic plate


Abst:Plastic plate is used as raw material made of Plastic plate

Plastic plate is used as raw material made of Plastic plate. High availability.

Plastic plate is made of Plastic plate, plastic synthetic polymers, can be freely changed body style. Plastic is the use of synthetic raw material monomer or condensation polymerization of a synthetic resin and a filler, a plasticizer, a stabilizer, a lubricant, a colorant and other additives, and its main component is a synthetic resin.

Resistant to chemical attack

With a shiny, transparent or translucent part

Mostly good insulator

Light Weight and sturdy

Easy to process mass production, cheap

Versatility, utility and more easily colored, high-temperature section

Storage of goods can play a moisture-proof effect

Plastics are divided into general-purpose plastics and engineering plastics, the main purpose is to define extensive, such as PE, PP cheap, available in a variety of different types of production machines. Engineering plastics are more expensive, but the stability of raw materials and physical properties are much better, in general, it also has two characteristics of stiffness and toughness.

PVC transparent plastic plate: the introduction of foreign advanced technology, advanced selection of imported raw materials production of a high strength, high transparent plastic plate. Color products have many varieties of white, gem blue, brown, brown and so on. Thickness: 2mm-20mm.1220mmx2440mm 1300mmx2000mm product surface with a transparent double-sided die Features: The product high strength, high transparency, weather resistance, non-toxic, health, physical characteristics superior to plexiglass. Uses: This product is widely used to shield equipment, instrument enclosures, interior, drinking water tank, level display.

Most plastic light weight, chemical stability, will not rust;

Good impact resistance;

Has good transparency and abrasion resistance;

Good insulation, low thermal conductivity;

General molding, coloring good, low processing costs;

Most plastics poor heat resistance, thermal expansion coefficient, easy combustion;

Poor dimensional stability, easily deformed;

Most plastics poor low-temperature resistance, low temperature brittle;

Easy to aging;

Some plastic easy dissolved in a solvent.

Plastics can be divided into two types of thermoset and thermoplastic, the former can not be re-shape to use, which can be repeated production.

A plastic polymer structure comprises two basic types: the first is a linear structure, a polymer compound having such a structure is called a linear polymer compound; a second body structure, a high molecular compound having such a structure called polymer compound body. Some polymer with branched, called a branched polymer, it is a linear structure. Although some polymer cross-linking between molecules, but less cross-linking, known as network structure, body structure belongs.

Two different structures, exhibits two opposite properties. Linear structure (including branched structures) polymer due to the presence of a separate molecule, it is flexible, malleable, can be dissolved in a solvent, heating can be melted, the hardness and brittleness of smaller features. Body structure of polymer molecules because there is no independent existence, there is no elasticity and plasticity, can not dissolve and melt, only swelling, hardness and brittle. Polymer plastic have the two structures, the linear polymer is made of thermoplastic polymer is made by the body is a thermosetting plastic.

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