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What is the foam Plastic and the use


Abst:Foam Plastic is a branch of Plastic foam or Plastic sheet. Or a foamed Plastic sheet or plate-like foam wash results

What is the foam Plastic? Foam Plastic is a branch of Plastic foam or Plastic sheet. Or a foamed Plastic sheet or plate-like foam wash results. Currently on the market common foam sheet as follows:

1.Polyethylene foam Plastic (EPE)

Usually by butane, or a peroxide as a foaming agent, processed into a soft material, made of sheet metal or a first composite thin EPE sheet then heat formed. Mainly used for cushion packaging, noise insulation and the like. Its expansion ratio of 20-30 times, a high foam.

2.PVC foam Plastic (PVC)

PVC sheet is usually added to the formulation or air foamable substance, a plate-like profile by a T die molding, it is the main core is foamed, an expansion ratio lower than 15 times. It is used for all types of building decoration occasions.

3.Polypropylene (PP) and ABS foam Plastic

Foaming principle above. Mainly used in automotive, electronics and other fields.

Foam Plastic uses analysis:

1.The main structure of the building foam Plastic to protect and extend the life of the building. Since the outer insulation is placed outside the insulation layer structure, reducing the stress caused by temperature changes due to structural deformation, and to reduce harmful substances in the air and ultraviolet structural erosion.

2. Foam Plastic effectively eliminate the "thermal bridge" previously used insulation, "thermal bridge" is difficult to avoid, and the external wall insulation to effectively prevent the generation of thermal bridges, to avoid condensation.

3. Foam Plastic so that the wall temperature tide improve the situation, the general need to set up within the insulation vapor barrier, thermal insulation and the use of external insulation materials through temperature performance is far stronger than the main structure, generally does not occur in the condensation inside the wall , the entire wall structure layer increases the temperature further enhances the insulation performance of the wall.

4. Foam Plastic is conducive to maintaining a stable temperature, the use of external wall insulation, wall heat storage capacity due to the greater structural layer on the inside of the wall, is conducive to maintaining a stable temperature.

5. Foam Plastic to increase the housing area to avoid damage to the re-decoration of the insulation layer. Click know more things.

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