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What is the safest kitchen utensils


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The inner wall of ceramic tableware with color ornaments

Ceramic tableware is not only shapes, nice, and there is delicate and smooth, no rust, no rot, non-absorbent, easy to wash and so on. The method of making ceramic tableware into glaze color, glaze color, glaze three, including harmful metals lead, cadmium and other mainly from glaze pigments.

Long-term use of glaze color tableware, cutlery the hazardous metal elements will be dissolved, and with the food into the body, causing chronic poisoning. Therefore, people try not to choose tableware wall with color decoration.

If economic conditions permit, you can use lead-free glazes utensils. Before using your new ceramic tableware, you can first use the vinegar soak 2 to 3 hours for dissolving the toxic substances contained in tableware. To avoid the use of ceramic tableware with color in full bloom acidic foods.

Colorful plastic tableware

According to testing, part of the plastic bottle outside color pattern of lead, chromium and other heavy metals emissions as excessive. Therefore, consumers should try to choose no decorative patterns colorless, odorless plastic utensils. In addition, the purchase of convenience bowl, bowl to observe the identification, identified as ps (polystyrene) or pp (polypropylene) can be assured. The foam bowl for containing a blowing agent, after hot water immersion, blowing agents harmful ammonia compounds will be dissolved, with the food into the body.

In non-stick pan, rice cooker inner wall, there is a PTFE as raw material for plastic coating. When heated to above 400 ℃, such coatings will release toxic gases tetrafluoroethylene. So, people do not let non-stick cookware, electric rice cooker air burning.

Low-grade stainless steel tableware

Just observe that you will find on stainless steel cutlery often 13-0,18-0,18-8 three kinds of code. Code in front of the digital representation of the content of chromium, the latter figure represents the nickel content. Chromium is a material product does not rust, and corrosion-resistant material is a nickel.

In order to prevent nickel, chromium and other heavy metals harmful to human, the state has made the relevant provisions of its dissolution.

So, as long as regular products, and used properly, safety problems generally do not occur.

US-possession paint chopsticks

Although highly decorative paint chopsticks, but from health point of view is not desirable. Because the paint more lead, chromium and other toxic substances. Long-term use of paint chopsticks, especially in the stomach together with the food after the peeling paint, the risk of chronic poisoning have occurred. Therefore, it is best to use non-toxic and meet the health standards of bamboo or wooden chopsticks.

We can not buy the time cutlery is nice because it is cheaper or immediately buy it for us might be a trap. We have a lot of time actually has a lot of opportunity to avoid these problems, we must be careful to choose our dishes. Click know more things.

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