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Plastic food containers often come into contact with foods both in storage, shipping, and selling or displaying various edible options. Plastics can help keep foods fresh and keep out unwanted debris. The main types of plastics impact food differently.

HDPE, or High density polyethylene, is largely used in making plastic grocery bag and trash bags. It should also be safe in contact with edibles and has also should not leech chemicals onto foods.

V, PVC, or Polyvinyl chloride, is a plastic often used in cling wrap such as that found on cheese and meats. This type of plastic is actually considered very bad, and will leech chemicals onto food, including some that are considered carcinogenic and harmful to humans, especially when ingested.

The food may encounter a variety of these product hardships as it is transported to retailers and stored or displayed in various locations. Heinous smells would become a great deterrent for customers, and moisture can make many foods soggy and unappealing, effectively ruining the product. PET plastic containers (Polyethylene terephthalate) provide a great barrier for food products against moisture and gases.

PET has barrier properties that make it an excellent choice as packaging for many types of food and beverages. It can contain carbon dioxide, so it's a great option for carbonated beverages. It is also clear, so PET containers allow manufacturers and retailers to show the purity, color or consistency of the products they offer for sale.

The last great benefit of PET clear plastic containers in relation with food products comes in the safety of the material itself. PET is FDA approved for use with or around edible products. The plastic should not add chemicals to the food as other types of plastics may. This upholds the integrity of the product, unlike some other forms of plastic that should never be use around food do to safety concerns. So, PET is a great choice for protecting and displaying a wide variety of food products.

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