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How to buy a disposable lunch box?


Is it environmentally safe, sanitary, and rest assured?

In recent years, disposable fast food boxes on the market have shifted from foam lunch boxes to environmentally friendly lunch boxes. The original foam lunch boxes are not resistant to high temperatures and the production process causes damage to the environment. Lunch boxes, wooden lunch boxes, degradable lunch boxes, etc.

Among them, plastic has become the mainstream material for manufacturing disposable fast food boxes due to its low toxicity, high melting point, strong plasticity, easy production and relatively low cost. Such as PP plastic lunch box, corn starch degradable lunch box, PP polypropylene, with excellent mechanical and thermal properties, suitable for food packaging. PS polystyrene is hard and brittle, non-toxic and tasteless, especially suitable for frozen food packaging such as pastries or salads.

1. Look at the outer packaging, carefully check whether the packaging label is marked with "product name, product implementation standard, production date, shelf life, sanitary license" and other contents that must be marked by national regulations. If the marking content is incomplete or irregular, then It is best not to buy such a lunch box.

2. Look at the box body. The color and luster of the good-quality lunch box body should be uniform and the outline should be clear. There should be no obvious dents or wrinkles in the mouth of the box. If the inner wall of the box is rough and the hand feels astringent, it means that there are solid residues on the inner wall; when light is irradiated, there are obvious irregular small black spots in the material of the box surface; if there is, it is a low-quality product.

3. Look at the mouth of the box, pay attention to the mouth of the box is flat and smooth, without waste edges, burrs, the cup body should be clean and transparent, uniform in thickness, free of impurities, bubbles, water lines, and fish-eye stalemate.

4. Squeeze. Choose a lunch box with a good rigidity. Try to choose a lunch box with a thick and stiff wall. When choosing a lunch box, you can gently squeeze both sides of the lunch box with your hands. You can roughly know The hardness of the box body is good or bad.

5. Look at the tightness. Generally, the lunch box should be sealed in a plastic packaging bag, and the packaging bag should not be damaged. The loosely packed lunch box is easy to be polluted by the environment, and hygiene cannot be guaranteed.

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