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Selection criteria for disposable plastic tableware

  Experts suggest that when purchasing disposable plastic tableware products, in addition to checking related labels, QS logos, etc., pay attention to whether the appearance is smooth and flat, whether the thickness is uniform, and whether there are impurities. Look at the tableware first, if there are uneven gray-black dust particles, don't buy it. In addition, do not buy heavy-tasting plastic tableware. Disposable plastic tableware manufacturers.

  The first thing depends on the appearance. If the product has rough appearance, molding defects, incorrect color, impurities, and poor printing quality, do not use it. Products with unqualified appearance quality will affect consumers' visual experience, and at the same time, appearance is a reflection of internal quality. Products with unqualified appearance often have poor internal quality and affect their use. Unsatisfactory printing quality will affect the appearance, but will fade and pollute other items.

   The second thing is to smell. The main reason for the smell of plastic products is the use of recycled materials and poor-quality additives. The pungent odor emitted by products with odors will harm the human respiratory system, so do not use them.

   The third is to try it out. Some products have very bright colors in order to attract consumers' attention. The pigments of dark products with poor quality will be drawn out during use, and these pigments are generally industrial pigments. Consumers can check by themselves whether the selected dark color product is qualified: pour a little vinegar on the absorbent cotton ball, and wipe it back and forth 100 times after touching the food surface. If the absorbent cotton ball is stained with color, it means that the product is unqualified. In order to prevent the pigment from penetrating into the food, it is recommended not to use dark-colored plastic products to hold oily liquid food (except for imitation porcelain tableware).

   Fourth or greedy. The internal quality of the product cannot be simply judged from the appearance. Some products have beautiful appearance, but the raw materials used do not meet the national health standards, and the internal quality of the product is difficult to guarantee, and the internal quality cannot be judged by the naked eye. my country has included food packaging products in the scope of production license management. It is recommended that consumers buy products with QS logos from regular shopping malls and supermarkets, and do not buy products with extremely low prices.


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