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There are coups to judge the quality of disposable tableware


When you buy takeout or some snacks, you will inevitably use disposable lunch boxes. The original purpose of the use of disposable lunch boxes is to carry food, and to achieve cleanliness and hygiene. However, driven by the interests of some unhealthy manufacturers, they use irregular production processes and adopt some original products that do not conform to the production label. Material production results in uneven quality of disposable tableware products in the current market, and in daily life, many business users often neglect the quality of disposable tableware boxes. In many restaurants and snack bars nowadays, there are many kinds of disposable lunch boxes, such as foam, paper, transparent plastic, all kinds of products. There are many unqualified products. How can we judge the quality of disposable tableware and know how to distinguish it? To hurt.

There are four ways to distinguish disposable lunch boxes: look, hear, ask and look: that is, look at the appearance and surface of the lunch boxes. Many inferior lunch boxes can be distinguished from the appearance, whether paper or plastic. For plastic type lunch boxes, the surface of good lunch boxes is very smooth, and the transparency is very high, and there are no impurities on the average. The overall shape seems to be very harmonious, and poor-quality lunch boxes, in order to save costs, often use poor-quality materials, transparency is not high, and looks impurities, the overall shape is easy to change, easy to deform.

Smell: Odor is a great feature of inferior lunch boxes, which undoubtedly gives us a good distinguishing condition. Good lunch boxes are tasteless or light, while some inferior lunch boxes emit a great odor because of materials. Even if they are taken out and used for a long time, they will still exist here. It tastes good.

Question: This refers to some necessary questions for dealers when purchasing disposable tableware. Firstly, we should confirm whether the lunch box is manufactured by a regular manufacturer. Secondly, we should confirm that the product has QS certification. Secondly, we should confirm the production standard of the product. Knowledgeable friends can ask about the raw materials used in the production.

Cut: Touch your hands, feel the feel of the hand, smoothness, hardness, good lunch boxes in smoothness and hardness is very good, and poor quality lunch boxes, you can feel the smoothness is very poor, and hardness is not enough, fine feeling can also feel a sense of granularity.

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