Material : Clear tray -PET, Colored tray -TFPP

Suggested weight: 45g


Rolled Edge trays are made from standard rigid plastic. The strength of this tray is that there is the additional manufacturing process of Turning or Rolling the edge of the flange with the sole purpose of making the edge of the flange tear resistant to the overwrap / stretch wrap film.

Rolled edge tray is mainly target the foam tray in the market. The foam tray made from PS is not environmental friendly and easy break, the food will definitely be contaminated if the package get broken. Compare to the foam tray, our TE trays made from PET do no harm to environment, and the PET material strength is much better. The rolled edge design also protected the wrapping film from tearing, so as to present a complete and beautiful food packaging to customer.

Meanwhile, we can make the tray into different colors as per customer’s request, which is more flexible than the foam tray.


  • E080535TE


  • E080550TE


  • E080630TE


  • E080640TE


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