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Ningbo Linhua Plastic Co.,Ltd, established in 2004,

From concept design to prototyping, mold making and production, we are a general contract manufacturer of inventory and custom plastic food packaging and disposable plastic food containers.

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Ningbo Linhua Plastic Co., Ltd is a professional

Plastic Food Packaging Tray Supplier and Disposable Food Packaging Containers Manufacturer

. Our company adheres to the principle of providing the updated environmental and cost friendly products to customers.
On the basis of normal material PP, PET, we also introduced in PLA and newly developed biodegradable agent.
To meet the need of non-plasitc product from some customers, Linhua company is in the process of developing paper packaging to diversify the product line.
We guarantee all our products can meet FDA and EU standard.
17 years of industry experience
International quality assurance
Environmental packaging technology
Strong technical strength
Rich product range

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We have always known the value of plastics and we understand our obligation and responsibility to continually develop sustainable plastic packaging.To champion a circular economy.It is why we do what we do; it is why we exist

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CPET trays are versatile and can be used for a variety of food types

CPET packaging is an environmentally friendly solution. It is primarily comprised of recycled PET that is cleaned and approved for food use. Replacing PET with rPET reduces carbon emissions by 50%. In addition to a sustainable and attractive design, ...


CPET is a highly versatile plastic that offers several advantages over other trays

CPET Plastic Tray CPET is a new generation of packaging materials that is composed mainly of recycled PET, a material that has undergone cleaning processes to be approved for food use. By replacing PET with rPET, manufacturers can reduce carbon foot...


EVOH is the perfect material for food and pet food packaging

EVOH plastic tray has a number of benefits over traditional thermoplastic resins. Its superior oxygen barrier and clarity make it ideal for ensuring the freshness of food over extended periods of storage. Additionally, EVOH produces excellent clarity...


The advantages of C-PET reusable trays are many

C-PET Plastic Trays CPET plastic trays are a great solution for the packaging needs of any food service business. They are made up of multiple distinct sections that are then welded together. The seams are silicone sealed, providing a strong and dura...


Cpet is a great choice for food packaging

Cpet is a great choice for food packaging because it is water and chemical resistant, which makes it an eco-friendly alternative to plastic. However, it can lose its color when stored for a prolonged period of time. This can be a problem if your prod...


CPET is a new plastic material for ready meals and other food packaging

CPET (clear polyethylene terephthalate) is a new plastic material for ready meals and other food packaging. It is made from recycled PET, which has been cleaned to be safe for use in the food industry. CPET trays are highly recyclable and feature a f...


The CPET lining is highly resistant to heat and cold

CPET trays are an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional plastic ice cube trays. They are made of recycled PET, which goes through a cleaning process before it is approved for use in food packaging. Using CPET liners and trays can reduce...


RePET trays are an excellent option for packaging products made of recycled PET

CPET (C-PET) Plastic Trays are an excellent choice for a wide variety of packaging applications, from frozen foods and ready-to-eat meals to baked goods. CPET is mouldable, allowing you to create multi-compartment trays with high visual appeal. Furth...


The Benefits of a Moisture Plastic Tray

A moisture plastic tray is a plastic device that keeps the air moist. They also protect against humidity and heat. Though these devices may seem expensive, they're worth the price. While the material used to make these trays is fairly inexpensive, th...


EVOH is made up of ethylene and vinyl alcohol monomer units

EVOH Barrier Tray is a 5-layer high-barrier retort tray with a film structure of PP/TIE/EVOH/PP. The EVOH layer provides excellent oxygen barrier protection. The nonpeelable film is heat-sealed for improved food safety. PP barrier retort trays comply...


C-PET trays are a great option for packaging frozen foods

A CPET plastic tray is the perfect packaging solution for ready meals. CPET is a sustainable plastic material that contains recycled PET. After undergoing a thorough cleaning process, this material is approved for use as food-grade packaging. The use...


CPET meal trays are ideal for storing and transporting convenience foods

CPET meal trays are ideal for storing and transporting convenience foods. They have a high thermal shock resistance and are suitable for freezing, microwaves, ovens, and dishwashers. They also feature antibacterial properties and are resistant to fat...