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Plastic Tray For Food Packaging

Wholesale Disposable PET/PP/Plastic/VSP/MAP Trays For Food Packaging

Food Packaging Solutions.

MAP tray

MAP tray for fresh meat and seafood, gives you extended shelflife and reduced waste.

Ready meal packaging

Ready meal packaging made from PP, gives you freezer-to-microwave convenience.

VSP tray

Vaccum skin packed tray, for your premium food, extends shelflife up to 21 days while mantain flavor.

Moisture rention tray

Moisture rention tray, for your fresh meat and seafood packaging. Recyclable material, smooth edge, special design to absorb the extra moisture -- these are just some of the benefits of the MRT tray m...

PET Food container

PET Food container- most recyclable material-reduce the burden of our earth

High barrier lidding film

High barrier lidding film, perfect partner of the MAP tray. This solid barrier tray and lidding film combination provides a self-contained BARRIER unit.