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A Portion Cup is a simple and effective way of serving your drinks

Uses For Portion Cups

A Portion Cup is a simple and effective way of serving your drinks. A cup is a small, plastic or glass container used to hold either cold liquid to be poured or hot liquid for drinking; it is typically used for drinking alone, but can also be used for storing solids for easy pouring. The size of the cup depends on its intended use. They are most often seen in homes, schools or offices because they are convenient and inexpensive to purchase. This type of container, often called a shot glass, comes in many different sizes and styles.

You'll find that most souffl cups come in one of three varieties: the insulated one-cup model, the disposable one-cup model, or the reusable-cup variety. The one-cup and disposable models are both similar. In both types, a small hole in the bottom of the cup allows the liquid to be drained as easily as possible. The insulated variety includes an insulated lid that keeps steam from being able to build up; however, the insulated lid is generally not used as a beverage storage option. With a reusable-cup, the entire cup can be reused for a single serving without having to purchase another.

The most common type of beverage served in Portion Cups are hot beverages such as tea and coffee. For these types of beverages, a traditional champagne cup may not be the most practical or healthy choice. If you are serving a hot beverage, you can use a smaller clear plastic souffle cup in order to serve it. A portion cup with a single cup is usually just right for preparing tea or iced tea, and will provide you with plenty of room for stirring and adding flavors.

Cups with clear plastic liners are very popular for use with hot teas, especially when serving hot chocolate, hot coco, or hot jalapeno peppers. Using these smaller clear cups with the larger, heated is much more efficient than using a larger traditional cup. Typically, cups have one or more spouts that can spill their beverage into the larger cups; this wastes precious seconds while waiting for the hot beverage to be dispensed, and also wastes valuable cups of water. By using one smaller clear plastic souffle cup with its corresponding smaller clear plastic lid, you can eliminate the wasted time and water, and still serve the beverage to your guests in a way that is healthy and convenient.

Another great use for Portion cups is for the use of dressings. Because the cups are dishwasher safe, you can place all of your favorite condiments - or your favorite condiment - in them to create a variety of different flavor combinations. Some restaurants even have their own version of a souffle cup, which comes in handy when serving ranch dressings or barbecue sauce. You can put all of your favorite ketchup or barbecue sauce into the smaller, clear portion, and then put it in the larger portion for people to dip into.

Souffle dishes also come in a variety of styles. There are small, plastic serving spoons that are used for sandwich fillings, and then there are larger plastic serving spoons for easy filling into crepes or other food dishes. You can also find Portion Cups that have a decorative handle, which makes them easier to serve. Some are made with a tall, thin design, and others are taller and thinner. The portion cups are generally used as condiments, but they can be also used as garnish for dishes such as pasta sauce. They are an inexpensive way to up the nutritious value of your meals, and to make preparing those meals a little bit easier and less time-consuming.

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