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Applying disposable environmental protection tableware to the takeaway industry is challenging

The rise of takeaway industry in recent years has facilitated people's lives, but also brought serious packaging pollution. If disposable environmental protection tableware is applied to takeaway industry, it will surely cause much less damage to the environment.

  1. Businessmen pay attention to their own brand and use disposable environmental protection kitchen utensils customized by themselves.

At the stage of takeaway platform horse race enclosure, there were many merchants who chose to use the platform to provide lunch boxes and meal bags. At that time, the whole market was still not standard, and the future development of takeaway business was not very clear. As usual, the market cultivation was completed, the orders of takeaway merchants increased sharply, and the main source of revenue of some merchants was takeout platform. At this time, in order to improve service, Strengthen the user's stickiness, merchants began to pay attention to takeaway packaging, such as in the lunch box before the bag tableware printed on my brand LOGO. Encouraging platform provides environmental protection lunch box utilization rate is not high.

  1. The cost of environmental protection lunch boxes is higher than that of plastic lunch boxes. Businessmen seek profits.

At present, the platform provides environmental protection lunch boxes, meal bags utilization rate is not high, the main reasons are: cost savings, brand output.

At present, most takeaway tableware is made of PP, not biodegradable. Degradable plastics contain more natural ingredients and have higher processing cost. The cost of degradable plastics is at least 2-3 times that of ordinary plastics. The cost of environmental protection lunch boxes is so high, but at present many merchants are "not earning money" in takeout business. If the cost of tableware is high, takeout packaging will increase the price, which will affect the order quantity, and then affect the takeout income of merchants. This is unwilling of the merchants, after all, takeout is to make money.

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