Daily storage method for paper cups

Update:19 Jul 2019

  Since the implementation of the national standar […]


Since the implementation of the national standard for disposable paper cups, paper cup printing has been clearly defined: the cup should be printed within 15 mm from the cup and the bottom of the cup should be within 10 mm from the cup. Moreover, when drinking water with a printed cup, the lips contact the cup, and the ink in the printed pattern may be ingested into the body. If the benzene-containing ink is used, it is not good for health; in addition, during packaging and storage, Paper cups are often one-piece, with a printed pattern on the bottom of the cup, and it is easy to smash the color onto the inner wall of the other cup.

Daily storage methods and techniques for paper cups:

1. The paper cup should be placed in a dry place to prevent moisture, and the carton should be glued well.

2, the paper cup should be tightly sealed at each bag, do not leak air, this will also make the paper cup yellow;

3, paper cups must be boxed, can not be scattered outside, it will turn yellow, damp.