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Details of the purchase of disposable tableware

   The main disposable tableware products currently on the market are roughly divided into plastic disposable tableware and paper disposable tableware according to the main material used in production.

The implementation of the new national standard is imminent. Consumers should pay attention to the 12 types of labels on the outer packaging of the product when buying and using it: product name; material; producer name, address, contact information; production date or product batch number; applicable time should indicate the shelf life; compliance Declaration and implementation standards; whether there is a production license (XK) number; whether there is a description of "food contact" or "food packaging" or a spoon and chopstick mark; use temperature range; use product range; whether the product can be microwaved and can be repeated Instructions for use; reminders of other products, such as the ambient temperature of the product and the method of use.

When purchasing plastic disposable tableware, you must check whether there is a "QS" mark, number and manufacturer on the outer packaging of the small unit; check whether the surface of the tableware is smooth and smooth, and do not choose products with rough or different colors; observe the product Whether the thickness of the product is uniform; the color of the product should be comfortable, and try to choose colorless, odorless and transparent tableware without decorative patterns; you can choose products marked with PE (polyethylene) and PP (polypropylene). When choosing paper disposable tableware, check whether the outer packaging is sealed. You can also pinch the paper cups and tableware with your hands to observe whether the hardness is enough; unqualified paper cups can smell peculiar smell as soon as the package is opened, and the cup body is very soft. It is easy to deform after pouring water, and some paper cups have poor sealing performance, and the bottom of the cup is easy to seep water. If you lightly touch the inside of the paper cup with your hand, and feel that there is fine powder on it, and the touch of your finger turns white, it is a typical poor-quality paper cup.

   In addition, the use conditions of different types of disposable plastic tableware are different, showing obvious differences in temperature and pressure resistance. Disposable plastic tableware manufacturers stated that the use temperature of disposable plastic tableware is usually below 100℃ and not more than 150℃. For example, PS foam tableware is safe to use below 80℃, so it is not suitable for boiling and microwave heating. PP plastic tableware has good heat resistance and can be used for microwave heating, but it is not suitable for use in freezer packaging. In addition, food with acid and high oil content will not chemically react with plastic tableware under normal circumstances, so consumers can use it with confidence.


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