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Disposable chopsticks actually have a shelf life!


Many people will choose to stop eating with disposable chopsticks when they are out of the restaurant. When they look at the white and clean, they feel very clean and safe to use before they are unpacked. Chopsticks that can be used repeatedly in disinfection cabinets are often thought to be very dirty and unsanitary. However, few people know that frequent use of disposable chopsticks can cause great damage to human health.

First of all, disposable chopsticks also have a shelf life?

We continue to think that disposable chopsticks can usually be stored for a long time in a dull situation, but this is a wrong idea.

According to relevant rules, disposable chopsticks must be marked with effective consumption date and quality guarantee date in the process of consumption, in order to prevent chopsticks from being stored for too long, causing mildew and endangering consumers'health.

What is more worrying is that many disposable chopsticks circulating on the market are consumed by small workshops which are not on the right track.

In order to maximize the benefits, the selected timber is poorly coloured. In order to make the appearance more pleasant, these small workshops will use a lot of sulfur fumigation, hydrogen peroxide or sodium sulfate soaking and bleaching, talc powder polishing, etc. to achieve a white appearance.

In doing so, it will inevitably lead to excessive sulfur dioxide residue on disposable chopsticks, which is harmful to human body.

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