Disposable Lunch Boxes

Update:05 Jul 2021

Disposable Lunch Boxes Automatic Plastic Food Preparer […]

Disposable Lunch Boxes

Automatic Plastic Food Preparer CPET and VSP tray are two popular choices of the ready to serve concept. They were purposely designed for ease pick and heat consuming. They are convenient for all kinds of uses, cuisines and dishes. Both VSP and CPET trays and plates are made from durable plastic, but both of them have different advantages and disadvantages. Both varieties are made with polyethylene plastic which can withstand high temperatures up to 350 degrees. However, CPET series is said to be more resistant than the other variety.

The advantage of CPET model is that it keeps your food trays hot even after picking them up. They are made of metal plates so you need not worry about the metal being broken. The disadvantage is that you need to wash these trays after every use. It also cannot be used for making machine-food items like cakes and pastries since they get too hot and are difficult to handle. The ease-of-use feature of VSP model makes them better option for families.

Plastic Food Preparer - VSP tray and plates came in different colors, so it is easy to find one that matches your lunch box color. Most of these plastic lunch boxes are also dishwasher safe and do not need any special utensils to keep them clean. They are available at affordable prices and are long-lasting. These trays are made from heavy duty polyethylene, stainless steel or aluminum, making them strong and durable. Moreover, they are available in a number of standard sizes that fit most of the common foods, such as pretzels, chicken nuggets, hot dogs, corn chips and other snacks.