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Disposable tableware Regarding plastic cups:


Simply put, the commonly used plastic cup materials are PP and PS. PP is resistant to high temperature and microwave, so the environmentally friendly lunch box you have used is made of PP. PS is not resistant to high temperatures, so it is often used in cold drink packaging. In terms of production process, plastic cups are more hygienic than paper cups because the production process of plastic cups is simple, and they are packaged immediately after being molded and cooled at high temperatures. The paper cup has printing, paper cutting, film attachment, reeling, and curling. I don’t know how many hands will touch it.

But having said that, plastic cups are indeed okay, but not necessarily in China. Someone even asked me before, whether recycled plastic can be used to make plastic cups. I despise it in my heart, but I can't show it. I told him that the recycled plastic had impurities and the cups made were not beautiful. Recycled materials are only one of them. I believe few people do this. Because the market is highly competitive. The clear plastic cup can be seen at a glance. Is there anything invisible? It's additives. Gypsum powder (milky white cup), toughening agent, antifreeze, whether it is harmful or not, I don't know for the time being. However, it is certain that the plastic cups China exports to the United States are "food-grade pure PP." People can't tolerate a little impurity!

In fact, in our daily life, we must observe the fresh-keeping boxes, packaging boxes, plastic bags, food bags, and plastic cups that we touch. Polyethylene raw materials are processed and formed at one time without any additives or additives; if you find that the lunch box given to you is of other colors, especially milky white with black spots, please do not use it, because the color is added during the processing. Masterbatch raw materials or toners, milky white fillers are added in large quantities to reduce costs.

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