Environmental protection sealed fast food box

Update:22 Jun 2020

A new type of disposable disposable fast food box packa […]

A new type of disposable disposable fast food box packaging substitute developed by Baoshou fast food box in China, which changes the traditional way of using disposable foam boxes such as foam, paper, plastic, etc. after use. The products are used repeatedly, and still have high recycling value, in line with the international environmental protection concept, and their product design has won many domestic/international inventions, utility models, and appearance designs.

1. Product performance:

Temperature resistance It has the properties of high temperature resistance of 120℃ and low temperature resistance of -20℃. It is suitable for microwave food cooking and refrigerator food preservation and refrigeration.

Pressure resistance Strong pressure resistance is not easy to deform, which is convenient for fast food stacking and distribution.

Convenience The standardized design of specifications and volume provides ideal and convenient packaging for fast food delivery and industrial automated production.

2. Product advantages

Sealing Unique sealing design, with strong sealing, anti-overflow, anti-channeling and other characteristics, can prevent food from contamination, soup leakage, effectively extend the shelf life of food.

Diversity In addition to soups, cups, plates, and lunch boxes, the company also introduced multi-seal independent seal series products and double-layer series seal series products combining rice, vegetables, soups, and spices.