How to choose disposable tableware for hygiene and safety

Update:13 Jul 2020

Many people like to use disposable tableware when dinin […]

Many people like to use disposable tableware when dining out. They think it is convenient and hygienic, and they don't need to be washed after use. However, is this seemingly hygienic thing really hygienic and safe?

The reason why most people choose disposable tableware is because they do not trust the sanitary conditions of restaurants. Disposable tableware will become popular according to customer needs and restaurant offers. Disposable tableware does bring great convenience to people. So, is the frequent use of disposable tableware, especially low-quality disposable tableware, harmful to human health?

Disposable tableware has very serious safety and quality problems. mainly:

First, there is a major problem in sanitary performance. Due to the addition of a large amount of calcium carbonate, industrial paraffin, and recycled waste materials in the production raw materials, the evaporation residue of the product seriously exceeds the standard;

Second, the performance is poor, the load is not qualified, and there is leakage;

Third, the degradation performance is unqualified.

Although there are various hygiene and quality problems in disposable tableware, it does not affect people's "love" for it. Almost all restaurants have disposable chopsticks, plastic bags, paper cups, straws, etc. for customers to choose, so when we inevitably use disposable tableware, it is necessary to be cautious.


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