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How to wholesale disposable snack boxes?

How to develop environmentally-friendly tableware? Products that meet the requirements of the environmentally-friendly tableware market are being promoted and applied. At present, most of the existing foamed tableware enterprises have been or are being converted into moon cake bags. The market ownership rate of liquid packaging bags and environmental protection tableware will be rapidly improved. Tea vacuum packaging bags, environmental protection tableware companies are optimistic about the government's increased law enforcement, cooking bags, and the prohibition of foaming tableware. Disposable tableware is divided into the following three categories according to the source of raw materials, production process, degradation method, and recycling level-biodegradable categories: such as paper products (including pulp molding type, cardboard coating film type) edible powder molding type, plant fiber Molded type, etc., daily necessities packaging bags; light-biodegradable materials: light-biodegradable plastic (non-foamed) type; easy to recycle materials: such as polypropylene (PP high impact polystyrene (HIPS) Bidirectional stretch polystyrene sheet products, high-filling natural inorganic mineral filled polypropylene composite products, etc.

The difference between disposable foam plastic tableware and disposable non-foam plastic tableware is the use of additives and production processes in the production process. Disposable non-foamed plastic tableware China currently implements a market access system, and provides quality and safety management responsibilities, corporate environment and site requirements, production resource provision, procurement quality control, production process control, product quality inspection and production safety protection. It is regulated and managed in the same way, and it is also used for food packaging. The "Notice" of disposable foam plastic tableware does not require the implementation of production licenses. Whether it is from enterprise management or market supervision, disposable foam plastic tableware may cause market order confusion.

How to wholesale disposable fast food boxes? Disposable fast food box wholesales can choose our environmentally friendly lunch boxes. The main products are disposable catering supplies, including: fast food boxes, set boxes, paper bowls, disposable chopsticks, spoons, straws, various drinking cups , Milk tea cups, packaging bags, paper towels, toothpicks, gloves and other supplies, the price is affordable, welcome wholesale purchase.


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