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A Food Packaging Tray is a type of tray used to pack foods

Food Packaging Tray
A Food Packaging Tray is a type of tray used to pack foods. They are generally made of wood pulp or plastic. The shape and bottom of the tray is molded to resist internal forces applied to the sides of the packaging wrapper during package formation. The peripheral lip of the tray is also designed to improve nesting clearances.
Food trays are typically used for fresh meat, poultry, fish, and produce. They have a shallow rectangular shape and are lined with heat sealable cellophane or plastic film. These trays are then heat-sealed along the bottom to form a complete package. They are also biodegradable, which means that they do not contribute to the solids pollution of landfills.
The global food packaging tray market is segmented by technology, material, and region. For example, thermoforming is a popular material for food packaging trays. Sealing food in a tray helps prevent odors and ensures a safe, high quality product. Many food packaging companies test their sealed trays for leakage before packaging food.
When a Food Packaging Tray is sealed, the film adheres to the flange of the tray, creating an airtight seal that is effective for both fresh and frozen food. The sealing process extends the shelf life of the products by slowing down the growth of harmful bacteria. For frozen foods, this process can be complemented by a dust cover.
The global market for sealed food packaging trays is driven by a number of macroeconomic factors, such as the growing health consciousness of consumers. Additionally, the growth of the packaging industry is another driving factor. The packaging industry is responsible for the packaging of food and is expected to continue to grow at a robust rate throughout the forecast period.
The C-Pak packaging method is an innovative, re-closable food packaging system that preserves the freshness of food. It is a two-step process, utilizing a rigid tray sealing machine and rigid lidding solutions. The first step in the process involves loading the product into the rigid tray. The second step involves sealing the tray below the flange. Finally, a snap-in lid completes the package. This system is easy to seal and re-close, and can be used for multiple packaging needs.

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