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Advantages and Disadvantages of a Plastic Food Tray

Whether you are serving food at a restaurant or you are a food business owner, you are probably familiar with the benefits of using a plastic food tray. These trays are durable, can be easily sawn, planed, and nailed, and are recyclable. However, you should be aware of the disadvantages of plastic trays. Here, we will discuss the advantages of using a plastic food tray. Read on to find out more.
ABS: This type of plastic is durable. It can withstand temperatures ranging from -40degC to 180degC. The smallest trays are dishwasher-safe and have a long shelf-life. These trays are not microwave-safe and should be washed by hand. The highest quality trays are made from HMWHDPE, a high-strength plastic. These specialized molded utensils are ideal for catering and other food service environments.
The number-one plastic used to manufacture food trays is PET. This is the standard for curbside recycling. Unlike PET, CPET is approved for special recycling instructions and is made with heavier gauge. It also reduces the carbon footprint by 28%. This is a good reason to recycle your trays. And if you're looking to reduce your environmental impact, consider using a custom-made plastic food tray. They're easy to stack and make for a beautiful display.
ABS trays are ideal for use in food service establishments. This type of plastic food tray is durable and light-weight, while offering a stable platform for users. They can be used in restaurants, cafeterias, and schools. They are also skid-resistant, so they're great for school and university cafeterias. Lastly, ABS trays can be cleaned in commercial dishwashers, and they can also be placed in the microwave.
As with any packaging item, the size and weight of a plastic food tray is essential. It's important to select the right size, as it will affect the price. The material used for food trays can vary significantly. Some materials are better than others. The type of plastic you choose will depend on the purpose of your business. For instance, PET trays are lightweight, and designed for stacking. Moreover, they're also recyclable.
A plastic food tray is highly durable. It's made of polycarbonate and polyethylene, and comes in every color of the rainbow. It allows customers to hold their favorite concession items, which is important in the food service industry. It also prevents them from sliding around. Another major benefit of a plastic tray is that it's easy to clean and is affordable. These trays have many advantages. They're light and easy to use.
Fast food establishments need an attractive, durable plastic food tray for their customers. A serving basket is an essential part of a fast food service. It will be used frequently in restaurants, and it should be easy to clean. Moreover, these trays are recyclable, so they're environmentally friendly, and will protect the products you serve. For this reason, they're indispensable in the world of foodservice. They're the best way to showcase your menu items.

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