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Automatic Plastic Food Lunch Making Machine - CPET and VSP Tray

Automatic Plastic Food Lunch Making Machine - CPET and VSP Tray

CPET trays and VSP tray are both hot options of the ready to eat concept. They were designed specifically for easy grab and heat eating. Meals are kept warm and ready when just ready. They're convenient for a whole range of cuisines, dishes and uses.

Both CPET and VSP trays are made by leading companies like Miele, Stinky, Farfetch, Belmond, Master Craft, ograms, etc. CPET has unique and innovative features that make them popular among CPET trays and VSP trays. They have different varieties like plates, cups, bowls and trays. The VSP has more accessories like remote controls, knives and spoons. It's only disadvantage is its price, which is actually on the higher side than the other two leading brands.

Although, CPET and VSP trays and plates are both made of plastic but each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages. The main feature of CPET tray is that it can heat up instantly and keep food warm for up to twenty minutes. For VSP tray, it's ideal for making hot meals and for carrying on with making cold meals. This type of automatic plastic food lunch making machine is compact and very light weight. Its body and motor are made up of aluminum, stainless steel or high alloy steel.


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