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Benefits of Vacuum Skin Packaging

Vacuum skin packaging (VSP) has many benefits over traditional rigid trays and EPS foam. The packaging is visually appealing and contains very little air, thus minimizing the risk of microbial growth. It also extends the shelf life of foods by keeping them in place. The resulting packaging is durable and has a longer life span than other methods. And, because it is so effective, it may be used to package foods more economically than other methods.
Another advantage is the lower carbon footprint and packaging material. In contrast to conventional case-ready packaging, VSP trays can be hung vertically like bags. Their packaging design also allows for greater flexibility in retail presentation. VSP trays offer a variety of color and material choices for labels. The trays can also be formed at the processor level, allowing for compelling branding options. In addition to these benefits, VSP packaging reduces MAP gasses and is virtually invisible.
Ningbo Linhua Plastic Co., Ltd has introduced the VSP vacuumed meat packaging tray line. Its wide selection of rigid VSP trays provides a competitive alternative to standard sheet skin packs. These trays are available in PET/PE, Barrier PP, and EPS. VSP trays are suitable for both normal and super-protruding VSP. Because of their superior shape, they can maximize shelf space and product protection during transit.
CPET-compatible trays are also available. These trays are made of crystalline polyethylene terephthalate, which is heat resistant and microwave-safe. Polypropylene skin trays are more flexible and are often used for fresh foods, while CPET-compatible trays are typically used for frozen items. Laminate paperboard sheet trays are another option. These trays allow the product to be the star of the show, making them popular with millennials.
Asparagus is an excellent example of a product that can benefit from VSP packaging. The high-grade film, which is made from laminated paperboard or solid plastic, helps prevent microbial growth and oxidation. Vacuum-sealed packaging also helps preserve product flavors and color. This is a critical component in perishable food packaging. If you're able to eliminate oxygen and air, you'll have a product with longer shelf life and better quality.
Vacuum-sealed packaging, is a great choice for high-quality products like smoked salmon and fresh fish. It extends the shelf life of food while maintaining its freshness. Unlike traditional sleeve packaging, it is also easy to maintain and clean. In fact, most food manufacturers use vacuum-sealed packaging because it is an efficient method of maintaining product quality.




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