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Can ABS plastic be used as tableware?

As an engineering plastic, it is one of the five major synthetic resins. It has good compression resistance, wide temperature resistance, and strong corrosion resistance. It also has the characteristics of easy processing and stable product dimensions. It is widely used in machinery, automobiles, Industrial fields such as luggage and construction are a kind of thermoplastic engineering plastic with extremely wide application. But is it poisonous as tableware?

  According to the test, ABS plastic is not toxic, but if some special requirements are needed to make a certain plastic product, the corresponding additives will be added to the ABS plastic. Usually someone encounters such a situation. When plastic products encounter high temperatures, they will emit some special smells. Generally, you need to be cautious of plastic products that appear to be in this condition. It is likely to release harmful substances. It may even be some carcinogens. If you are using ABS plastic tableware, you can check whether the packaging is SPI plastic marking scheme, and see if it is marked with the number 5. According to 5 in the SPI plastic identification scheme, this plastic product can be reused after careful cleaning, and it is also the only plastic that can be put in a microwave oven. However, it is recommended that even plastic products labeled as non-toxic cannot be used repeatedly for too long.

   Because under normal circumstances, plastic products can be divided into three stages,

First, the early release, because plastics are often added with certain plastic additives, such as common plasticizers, antioxidants, etc., according to certain special requirements in the processing of plastics. These plastic additives will be released in the preliminary process, so under normal circumstances, buying plastic products home will often smell a certain peculiar smell, which is normal.

Second, the mid-term stability. The peculiar smell released by these plastic additives is not endless. Generally, after a certain period of time, the plastic products will stabilize, and the peculiar smell at the beginning will also disappear. the safest.

Third, late aging, many daily-use plastic products in life have a life cycle. After a long time, they will begin to age, and the harmful substances in the plastic products will also be released.


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