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Carefully use unqualified disposable tableware


Excessive bacteria and added chemicals are two serious quality problems of disinfection wipes on the market. Therefore, when choosing wet paper towels, we must check the brand, qualification certification, production enterprises, shelf life and so on. Babies are best used sparingly.

2. napkin

The relevant departments of the state concentrated on the circulation of napkins in the market, and found that restaurant napkins basically did not meet the requirements, the root cause is the illegal use of paper manufacturers, the use of chemical raw materials, resulting in a large increase in carcinogens. If the napkin is dark, the paper is hard, and there are scraps falling, be sure to contact with your mouth, eyes, and other colored napkins should not be used as much as possible.

3. Porcelain-like tableware

Porcelain imitation tableware is a special tableware for parents to eat for their babies because of its bright color, light weight and wrestling resistance, but improper use will endanger health. At present, it is very difficult to distinguish the appearance of imitation porcelain tableware on the market. In addition to shopping in supermarkets and regular shopping malls, it is better to buy less colored tableware. Never heat it in a microwave oven.

4. Disposable Foam Food Box
Disposable foam food boxes have long been banned, but because of their low cost and light weight, many companies continue to produce them in defiance of regulations. The chemical substances contained in disposable foamed plastic tableware can damage some functions of human body. When using disposable lunch boxes, we should choose the national certification marks and try to use them to pack oily and high-temperature food.
5. color straw
The survey found that the suction pipes of small restaurants, beverage shops and breakfast stands were all substandard products. The brighter the color, the greater the risk of safety.

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