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Choosing the Right MAP Packaging Tray for Your Product

When it comes to packaging perishable products, choosing the right packaging tray is critical to ensure the freshness and quality of the product. One of the most popular types of packaging trays used for this purpose is Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) trays. These trays are designed to control the atmosphere around the product, helping to preserve its freshness and extend its shelf life. However, choosing the right MAP packaging tray for your product can be a challenge. In this article, we will discuss some key factors to consider when selecting a MAP packaging tray.
Product Type and Shelf Life
The type of product being packaged and its expected shelf life are two critical factors to consider when choosing a MAP packaging tray. For example, if you are packaging fresh produce, you may want to consider trays with high oxygen transmission rates to keep the product fresh. However, if you are packaging meat or poultry, you may need a tray with a lower oxygen transmission rate to prevent spoilage and extend shelf life.
Packaging Process
The packaging process used to package the product is another important factor to consider. Different packaging processes can affect the performance of the MAP tray. For example, some MAP trays may require a specific sealing process to maintain the correct atmosphere inside the tray. You should consult with your packaging supplier to ensure that the MAP tray is compatible with your packaging process.
Tray Material
MAP packaging trays are typically made from a variety of materials, including plastic, paper, and pulp. Each material has its own unique properties that can impact the performance of the tray. For example, plastic trays may be better suited for products that require a high degree of moisture resistance, while paper trays may be more environmentally friendly. Consider the product requirements and the end-user preferences when selecting a tray material.
Transportation and Storage
Transportation and storage are also critical factors to consider when selecting a MAP packaging tray. The tray must be able to withstand the rigors of transportation without compromising the product inside. The tray must also be suitable for the storage environment, including temperature and humidity conditions.
In conclusion, selecting the right MAP packaging tray is essential for ensuring the freshness and quality of your product. Consider the product type, shelf life, packaging process, tray material, and transportation and storage requirements when making your selection. Working with an experienced packaging supplier can also help ensure that you choose the right tray for your specific needs.
Material: PP
The principle and function of MAP TRAY:
MAP TRAY (Modified Atmosphere Packaging), just as its name implies, refers to the technology that artificially controls the proportion of gases (oxygen, carbon dioxide, nitrogen etc.) in the package to extend the shelf-life.
Our MAP trays are made from a high barrier, polypropylene material that can help extend shelf life. Hermetically sealed with barrier lidding film, the final output is a leak-proof package. This solid barrier tray/lidding film combination provides a self-contained BARRIER unit.
In a closed system, the proportion of ambient gases is modified to the condition which can reduce respiration and lessen the consumption of nutrients. To restrain cells’ respiration and retard the process of metabolism, however, make cells in a dormant state rather death. And whenever cells leave the modified atmosphere, they’ll still keep their normal pace of metabolism without other side effects. Of course, all these are on the premise of low temperature.
Different contents (meat/poultry/fruit) requires different in the proportion of ambient gases
Red Meat (beef, lamb,pork) - recommend high O2 condition (60-80% Oxygen and 20-40% Co2) high rate O2 to keep the meat red and percentage of Co2 to inhibit the growth of aerobic spoilage bacteria.

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