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Cleverly identify disposable paper cups


The pros and cons of disposable paper cups can be identified through the "one look, two smells and three touches" method.

Look: In addition to looking at the name of the manufacturer, address, production date, etc. on the packaging, you must also look at the light. If there is blue light or impurities, it is best not to buy;

Smell: whether there is a pungent smell;

Touch: It feels very soft, it may be a low-quality product.

Tip: When using disposable paper cups, it is best to scald them with boiling water first to let the harmful substances in the paper cups fully evaporate.

Disposable tableware recycling

Does the degradable tableware need not be recycled?

It's not. No materials should be thrown away randomly, and sorting and recycling should be actively carried out to reduce waste of resources and environmental pollution. Even degradable products require reasonable disposal or utilization. It is nonsense to talk about product degradation speed and degradation products without specific environmental factors.

Reasons for selling disposable tableware

Why fake environmentally friendly tableware sells well

1. Distributors get relatively large profits;

2. Consumers lack consumption knowledge;

3. It is cheaper for users to reduce costs;

4. Some products are only engraved with the words "environmental friendly lunch box", "degradable lunch box", and "urban environmental protection" on the mold, but in fact they are not environmentally friendly at all and have very poor sanitary performance. Some consumers only recognize these words. Don't know the real situation of the product.

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