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CPET is a great choice for frozen and barrier foods

When it comes to ready meals, CPET trays are an excellent choice. They are ideal for the preparation of hot food, and are easy to clean and store. These CPET trays are also a great choice for weight loss meal programs. Despite being inexpensive, CPET crates are an excellent value for money when compared to metal containers. The trays can also be easily distributed from central kitchens to other locations. This allows local kitchen staff to serve the meals directly to consumers, or provide individual servings for a group of people.

As CPET trays continue to become increasingly common in the food packaging industry, the need for effective detection of these trays cannot be overstated. The black CPET ID on these trays is easily detected with the help of near infrared optical sorting equipment, which is commonly used in most recycling facilities. These CPET crates are ideal for storing frozen food, and are ideal for use in microwaves.

CPET has excellent barrier properties, making it a versatile choice for packaging ready meals. It is suitable for flow packing and top sealing, and the solutions it offers protect these products from oxygen, water, and carbon dioxide. It also increases shelf life by providing a better barrier against air and water. CPET is sterilisable, making it a perfect choice for ambient storage. The high barrier CPET material can be used for both food and drink packaging.

CPET is a great choice for frozen and barrier foods. Unlike most plastic trays, the CPET material is highly durable, allowing food to last for months or years. Additionally, the CPET material is translucent and can be opaque. The containers are also microwave-safe, making them perfect for end-users looking for a quick snack. Its superior barrier properties make them ideal for a variety of applications, and the food packaging industry should take note of their benefits.

CPET offers excellent barrier properties, making them an excellent choice for flow packing and top sealing. CPET solutions protect chilled and frozen products and ensure that they are safe to consume. In addition, CPET is also suitable for sterilisation. Its high barrier properties also increase the shelf life of foods. The CPET solution is a smart choice for food manufacturers who are concerned with the environmental impact of their packaging.

CPET is a polyethylene terephthalate material that is odorless, colorless and non-toxic. The barrier properties of CPET are one of the reasons why it is so popular for a variety of uses. A CPET container is an ideal choice for use with frozen food, and will last up to two years. The benefits of using CPET are unmatched by any other material.

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