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CPET is a great choice for frozen food packaging

CPET Containers are available in white and black. The rPET trays are heat-sealing, which means you can use any COMPAC Heat Sealer Machines or Film Reels to seal these trays. The containers can also pass directly from the freezer to the oven. If you need to recycle your containers, you can easily put them in a compost pile, or incinerate them. They are environmentally friendly and safe for both your employees and your customers.
CPET containers can be recycled and are the green packaging solution of the future. CPET is made from primarily recycled PET (rPET) and has been cleaned and certified for use in food packaging. Replacing PET with rPET will reduce carbon emissions by 50%. rPET trays are designed with a functional barrier, so they offer high food safety. The CPET trays are also dishwasher-safe and oven-safe.
CPET Containers are made from a high-quality material that is safe for contact with all types of foods. They are also heat-sealable. You can use a COMPAC Heat Sealer Machine or Film Reels to seal your CPET containers. You can also find these CPET trays in white or black. They can pass from freezer to oven without any issues. These CPET trays are recyclable, and their materials are eco-friendly.
CPET containers are a great choice for hot food packaging. Unlike plastic trays, rPET trays are stronger and more resistant to high temperatures than PET. These trays can also be used for ice cream. With the high temperature-resistance of CPET, you'll save on packaging costs while saving the environment. With a CPET trays, you can be sure your food won't spoil.
CPET containers are the best option for storing a variety of food. They are food-safe, and they are FDA-certified. In addition to being a healthy choice, CPET is also good for the environment. If you're buying a CPE container, you'll save money on food-related waste. You'll be helping the environment and your customers. They'll love you for it!
If you're looking for an alternative to aluminium trays, CPET is a great choice for frozen food packaging. This plastic material is made from ethylene glycol and terephthalic acid, which is an alternative to aluminum, which is commonly used for trays. As a result, CPET is better suited for food packaging than other types of plastic trays. Its durability, recyclability, and low cost make it a great option for many industries.

Custom LP9520 Premium VSP tray for Vacuum Skin Packaging

VSP trays are made from a high barrier, polypropylene material that can help extend shelf life and maintain flavor. In conjunction with a skin lidding film where the film follows the contours of the product via vacuuming to create a 3D presentation. The finished package has removed oxygen, sealed in freshness, and locked in juices within leak-proof package.

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