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CPET is a highly versatile plastic that offers several advantages over other trays

CPET Plastic Tray
CPET is a new generation of packaging materials that is composed mainly of recycled PET, a material that has undergone cleaning processes to be approved for food use. By replacing PET with rPET, manufacturers can reduce carbon footprints by more than 50%. Furthermore, rPET trays are designed with a functional barrier that ensures maximum food safety. The CPET Plastic tray is a new generation of packaging material that offers many advantages over the traditional plastic trays.
CPET is a highly versatile plastic that offers several advantages over other trays. The material is light weight and able to resist heat, making it an excellent choice for foodservice. These trays are ideal for a variety of dishes, including those that are prepared in advance and reheated later. Additionally, consumers can enjoy convenience by freezing meals and storing them at room temperature. The CPET sleeve design provides a great barrier against water, carbon dioxide, and nitrogen.
In addition to preventing food from spoiling, CPET trays are also incredibly easy to clean. The CPET plastic tray is made of polypropylene, which is a high-quality polymer that is resistant to high temperatures. This material is also non-porous and therefore resists scratches and dents. It is very easy to clean and is ideal for cleaning. It is also highly versatile and can be used to make ready-to-eat food in the most convenient way possible.
CPET trays can be moulded into various shapes, and are the ideal solution for foodservice. These trays can be pre-prepared and frozen for days, and then heated for service. In addition, they can also be used in Meals on Wheels services, as well as Hospital Meal Service. The flexibility of CPET enables the food producers to create multi-compartment trays that are easy to handle and maintain.
CPET plastic trays are designed to meet the needs of both foodservice and retail businesses. They are versatile enough to meet the needs of any type of food, including those that are suitable for microwave use. Moreover, the CPET plastic tray is designed to be light-weight, with a post-consumer-recycled content of up to 15%. The CPET plastic trays also feature dimensional stability and toughness.
The CPET Plastic tray is ideal for foodservice and is versatile enough for a variety of dishes. These trays are designed for convenience, as they can be pre-prepared days in advance, frozen, and reheated at a later date. Besides, they are also suitable for use in Meals on Wheels and Hospital Meal Services. They can also be used for hot and cold applications, including serving food.
Unlike traditional aluminium trays, CPET is durable and able to withstand high temperatures. This makes it a popular choice for hot food packaging and kitchen tools. In addition to being more durable, CPET is also more environmentally friendly. Because of its versatility, CPET is a good alternative to metal trays. The CRPET Plastic tray is compatible with most kinds of appliances. It can also be recycled and reused.




CPET is the material of choice for ready meals due to its superior functional properties and the unique way it combines food safety and circularity.
Our ready meal packaging made from CPET and P are designed to help you deliver ready meal options that meet your customers' needs.

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