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CPET is a new plastic material for ready meals and other food packaging

CPET (clear polyethylene terephthalate) is a new plastic material for ready meals and other food packaging. It is made from recycled PET, which has been cleaned to be safe for use in the food industry. CPET trays are highly recyclable and feature a functional barrier to protect the contents from contamination. They are an excellent choice for ready meals and other food packaging. These CPET liners are also recyclable, making them an environmentally sound option.
CPET is a type of PET, which is typically used in the manufacture of food packaging. CPET is a #1 recyclable material and is ideal for a wide range of applications in food production. CPET plastic trays are practical, attractive, and affordable. They can be used for conventional cooking, microwave cooking, and deep freezing. They are also available in bespoke sizes and shapes, and they are popular in airline catering.
CPET is a recyclable material that meets the requirements for a variety of food packaging. These CPET trays offer the highest level of versatility within the ready meal concept. They are designed to withstand temperature fluctuations from -40degC to 220degC. They can also be stored in a deep freezer and used in conventional and microwave ovens. They can be used for many applications, ranging from deep-freezing to conventional and microwave cooking.
CPET trays offer a range of advantages for foodservice and catering. They are suitable for a wide range of food styles and cuisines. And they can be used for hot and cold ovens, as well as for conventional cooking. CPET trays can be manufactured in dual colour and are attractive to the eye. This allows them to stand out in a store shelf. They are also cost-effective, reusable, and versatile, and have been a proven path to increased sales for many food producers.
CPET trays are the ideal solution for ready meals. They are a great choice for the 'Grab-Heat-Eat' concept. CPET trays are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colours and can be used for microwave, ovens, or deep-freezers. They are also highly durable and can be used in the microwave and deep-freezer.
CPET trays are the perfect solution for many take-away and restaurant applications. CPET trays come in a variety of colours, making them easy to match a wide variety of foods. They are #1 recyclable, so they are a great choice for any food preparation application. CPET trays are ideal for both conventional and microwave cooking and are available in many shapes and sizes. The convenience of a customer's meal is enhanced by a tray that is smaller and easier to clean.
CPET trays are used in hospitals and other food service applications. They are convenient and easy to handle and are ideal for Meals on Wheels services. The trays also can be used for a variety of bakery products. They are easy to store and do not require washing. These CPET trays are an excellent choice for Meals on Wheels services and the Hospital Meal Service. They are ideal for a variety of uses.

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