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Cpet is a plastic packaging solution made from high density polyethylene

What is Cpet Food Trays? Cpet is a plastic packaging solution made from high density polyethylene. It's FDA approved and hypoallergenic, dishwasher and microwave safe, lightweight, non-skid, and odourless. The manufacturer, Correx, designed the original Cpet tray for food service to reduce waste and maintain traceability of food.

Many food service operators are concerned with the impact of plastic bags and associated costs on the bottom line, but many also recognize the convenience of microwave packaging and the energy savings that result from using a microwave instead of a conventional oven. In addition to the numerous advantages of microwave packaging, including economic viability, convenience and safety, there are other compelling reasons for using cpet food trays. The Cpet trays are made from high density polyethylene, which provides a clear, clean appearance. Further, this plastic is FDA approved for microwave and oven use, which eliminates the need for food service operators to invest in large bulky microwave ovens.

Because the Cpet food trays are designed for a microwave, they take up less room in the work area and take less storage room once they're out of the oven. They're ideal for hot-box restaurants and larger fast food operations, as well as for catering and hotel operations. The Cpet food trays offer a uniform look with beveled sidewall design, and are available in two color choices: black or white. These color choices are important in creating a consistent look and feel throughout your operation.

The Cpet food trays offer uniform thermal performance, providing consistent temperature inside and out. This means that you can expect uniform cooking temperature, from start to finish. Another benefit of the Cpet tray is that it's an environmentally safe way to package and distribute foods, because it reduces waste and landfill. Because the boxes come in standard sizes, they can be used for small food processing operations or for large scale commercial operations.

With these benefits, it's easy to see how Cpet Food Trays are quickly becoming an industry standard in food processing. And whether you're in the initial start-up phase of business or you're looking to expand into multiple departments, this type of packaging can be tailored to fit your specific needs. You can customize the size of the box, the color, the shape and more, so that it will be perfectly adapted to meet your unique production requirements.

Whether it's a simple Cpet Food Tray to house raw eggs, or you need custom Cpet Food Trays to house your meats, this type of packaging is a perfect solution for any operation. By taking advantage of this growing trend in packaging and disposal, the future of recyclable food trays looks bright for all food manufacturers and retailers. From farmers markets to restaurants, cpet food trays are an increasingly common sight on our dinner tables.

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