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CPET is a sustainable and recyclable alternative to plastic

CPET, or polyethylene terephthalate, is a clear, lightweight plastic that is commonly used for packaging convenience-sized drinks, juices, water, and salad dressings. It is also commonly used for liquid hand soap and window cleaner. Special grades of PET are also commonly used for carry-home food trays. CPET is a #1 recyclable material. Here are some uses for CPETA: The food industry is seeing a rise in its use in prepared foods and ready-meals.
CPET is made from recycled PET, which is approved for food use. When PET is replaced with rPET, carbon emissions are reduced by 50%. In addition, cPET trays are made with a functional barrier that increases food safety. That's why the packaging industry is switching to CPET. Despite the environmental advantages of CPET, it's important to understand the full benefits of rPET.
CPET is made from recycled PET. The recycled plastic is cleaned and approved for use in packaging. By replacing PET with rPET, the carbon footprint of a manufacturing process is reduced by 50%. CPET trays also have a barrier to ensure food safety. This barrier is the best protection against bacteria and fungi. When food is packed in cPET trays, the carbon footprint is significantly reduced. By using CPET, the packaging industry is taking a proactive stance on the environment.
CPET trays are a sustainable alternative to plastic trays. Made from 80% recycled PET, rPET is fully recyclable and can be traced back to the source. Unlike other packaging options, rPET carries a functional barrier to maintain food safety, and thus reduces greenhouse gas emissions. CPET trays are fully recyclable and biodegradable. The recycling process is efficient and CPET tins are fully compostable.
CPET is a sustainable and recyclable alternative to plastic. Unlike plastic, rPET consists of recycled PET. Changing one type of packaging with another can reduce carbon emissions by 50 percent or more. This material is made of recycled PET. When using CPET, consumers can expect to experience high food safety and eco-friendliness. Further, rPET trays are recyclable as well. The CPET trays are also safe for food.
CPET is a sustainable packaging solution. Its main component is recycled PET (rPET). By replacing plastic with rPET, carbon emissions are cut by as much as 50%. Moreover, cPET trays contain a functional barrier, which protects food from contamination. In addition to being a sustainable option, rPET is an environmentally-friendly alternative to black plastic. It also has several advantages.

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