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C-PET trays are a great option for packaging frozen foods

A CPET plastic tray is the perfect packaging solution for ready meals. CPET is a sustainable plastic material that contains recycled PET. After undergoing a thorough cleaning process, this material is approved for use as food-grade packaging. The use of rPET has reduced carbon emissions by 50%, and the functional barrier ensures that food remains safe during transportation. In addition to these benefits, a CPET tray also offers a high level of food safety.
A PET tray is made of recyclable material and therefore offers a great environmental and social benefit. This type of packaging has many functional advantages, including weight-composition and preservation. The composition of a PET tray varies based on the type of food being packaged and the number of layers. The material's weight content fluctuates between 90% and 100%. This means that the CPE-tray will hold frozen foods and other foods well.
Unlike other materials used in packaging, a C-PET tray is 100% recyclable, allowing for 100% post-consumer recycled content in its production. In addition to this, C-PET trays are lightweight and offer excellent preservation. Their weight content fluctuates between ninety percent and one hundred percent, depending on the type of packaged food. The advantages of using a C-PET tray are numerous, so it's important to research which options would work best for your business.
Whether you're looking for a disposable plastic tray or a fully reusable one, you can rest assured that C-PET will provide maximum protection and durability. The C-PET On-Tray can withstand temperatures of -40degC to 220degC. It is not suitable for broilers or toaster ovens, but it is a great choice for many different applications. The CPET plastic tray is recyclable, and reusable. A CPET plastic tray can last for years, and you can reuse it over again.
C-PET trays are a great option for packaging frozen foods. They are durable and can withstand heat in the microwave and oven without releasing harmful substances. Besides being recyclable, C-PET trays are also lightweight and durable, making them a perfect choice for a wide variety of applications. So, if you need a tray for your frozen foods, C-PET ware will be a great fit.
A C-PET plastic tray is a great option for packaging frozen foods. Its excellent barrier properties are ideal for preserving food. A C-PET plastic tray can withstand temperatures from -40degC to +220degC. In addition to a higher barrier temperature, it can also prolong the shelf-life of your packaged foods. When properly used, a C-PET tray can help you extend the life of your products by a long time.
CPET trays are a great option for a range of applications. They are a flexible and durable plastic material that can be used in a variety of temperature ranges. CPET trays are highly customizable, with many designs available to meet the requirements of your brand. If you need a tray with several compartments, you can even choose one that features a lid with a variety of uses. The possibilities are endless with CPET ware.

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