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CPET trays are a versatile packaging material with many advantages

The CPET or Crystalline Polyethylene Terephthalate is an alternative to aluminium trays in the manufacture of ready meals. Its structure is partly crystallised, making it suitable for high temperatures and therefore suitable for products that need to be heated in microwaves or ovens. Compared to aluminium liners, it is easy to recycle and is fully recyclable. This material also comes in various sizes and shapes, making it a great choice for the food industry.

CPET trays are a versatile packaging material with many advantages. They can be used for cooking and can be reheated in the microwave. There are more than a thousand types of CPET trays. The reusable and biodegradable properties of cpet enables its use in the manufacturing of ready meals. It is more sustainable and can be used for heating in microwave ovens. The CPET tinplate can be reused as well.

Unlike conventional plastic trays, CPET trays can be easily frozen and then heated once they are ready. Unlike other reusable tinplates, CPET tinplates are made of biodegradable material. Moreover, they are compatible with microwaves and ovens. The CPET tinplates can be used as oven trays and are suitable for a variety of cuisines.

The CPET tinplates are recyclable and environmentally friendly. The CPET tinplates contain primarily recycled PET that has undergone a thorough cleaning process. The rPET tinplates are approved for food use. The CPET tinplate is also equipped with a functional barrier, providing high food safety. This is an important factor for the CPET tinplates.

Unlike conventional tinplates, CPET tinplates are made of recyclable materials, which make them the most environmentally friendly option for ready meal packaging. They are also a great way to make a healthy meal for busy people. And they are available in different colours and shapes, which allows them to be customised to suit different tastes and nutritional needs. These tinplates are a smart choice for the food industry because they are versatile and environmentally-friendly.

CPET trays are a great solution for foodservice businesses. CPET trays are versatile and suitable for many different styles and cuisines. They can be frozen and reheated at any time to provide a fast, convenient meal for busy people. With CPET trays, you don't need to worry about food safety or the quality of the product.

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