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CPET trays are the best choice for packaging foods

CPET trays are the best choice for packaging foods. The barrier properties of the material keep out moisture, light, and heat. This ensures maximum protection for food. This type of plastic is also widely accepted by major retailers. CPET carries the highest standards of safety, making it a great choice for food packaging. Here are three reasons why CPET is the best choice for food packaging. 1. CPET trays are 100% recyclable
CPET trays are flexible and durable. They achieve the highest temperature resistance and barrier levels, which are essential for a safe product. Moreover, CPET trays are 100% recyclable. Besides this, they are ideal for fast food packaging. They are ideal for microwave and oven use. They also have a high barrier, making them suitable for heat-and-eat applications. CPET liners and lids also extend shelf life.
A variety of CPET trays are available in different sizes, shapes, and designs. These trays are designed to provide a modern aesthetic and make the food look fresh. Moreover, they can improve the storage and marketing of food. They are recyclable, which is a significant benefit. Aside from their versatility, CPET trays are perfect for fast food packaging. Its countless shapes, textures, and embossing effects will allow food producers to create packaging that will increase sales and consumer loyalty.
Another advantage of CPET trays is that they are made of flexible, durable materials. They can withstand high temperatures, which is crucial for ensuring safe and healthy food for consumers. Moreover, they can be recycled and are easily recyclable. CPET t rays are ideal for food packaging in fast food outlets. They also improve storage and marketing of foods. And because they are completely transparent, a tray can be completely transparent and allow for a better presentation.
A-PET trays are flexible, durable, and reusable. They can be used from freezer to oven and even as portable go-containers. The CPET trays are made of food-grade plastic and are recyclable. They are the best choice for food packaging in fast food chains and supermarkets. So, they're perfect for fast food delivery systems. If you're interested in CPET tray technology, contact us today. We're happy to share our CPET tray brochure and website.
CPET trays offer greater flexibility and adaptability. They can be moulded to shape and contain multiple compartments. This means CPET tray designs can be multi-compartments and provide more visual appeal. Unlike other types of tray, CPET tray designs are also recyclable. You can recycle a CPET tray with your leftovers. Its versatility will make it the preferred food packaging option for your restaurant.


CPET is the material of choice for ready meals due to its superior functional properties and the unique way it combines food safety and circularity.
Our ready meal packaging made from CPET and P are designed to help you deliver ready meal options that meet your customers' needs.

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