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CPET trays are the most sustainable option for the ready-meal concept

In order to make your ready meals stand out from the crowd, you need to have packaging that features modern aesthetics and eye-catching designs. The CPET Tray provides the ideal opportunity to achieve this. The CPET Tray can be manufactured in countless standard shapes, with a wide variety of lidding options and dual colour options. A CPET tray is an excellent way to influence consumer buying behavior. Read on to learn more about how CPET trays can benefit your business.
CPET trays are great for restaurants, schools and foodservice providers. They can accommodate a variety of cuisines and food styles. This tray is convenient, as you can prepare it days ahead of time, freeze it, and heat it up when you are ready to serve it. Unlike traditional plates, the CPET tray can also be used in a Bain Marie to cook foods directly from the pan. A CPET Tray is ideal for all these applications, as well as for convenience.
One of the advantages of CPET trays is their versatility. They are dual-ovenable, which makes them perfect for ready meals containing meat and vegetables. This is a great feature for consumers who are watching their portions and trying to lose weight. Alternatively, a CPET tray can be manufactured in dual-coloured options, which improves their visual appeal. The high-barrier version can withstand higher temperatures and be used for gas flush applications.
Another benefit of CPET trays is their dual-ovenability. It is easy to prepare a meal in advance and freeze it, so it is convenient for consumers. CPET trays can be easily distributed between locations. Using a CPET tray for bulk meals allows you to easily distribute them to other locations without the hassle of preparing and washing up. Its oven-safe properties also make it a popular choice for hospitals, Meals on Wheels services, and other foodservice facilities.
CPET trays are made of strong and lightweight plastic. They are dual ovenable, which is ideal for preparing meals that contain a combination of meat and vegetables. These CPET trays are also beneficial for companies with large kitchens because they allow for easy distribution. They can also be shipped to other locations. This means that local kitchen staff can serve meals directly to consumers or provide individual servings. There are many benefits of CPET wares.
CPET trays are the most sustainable option for the ready-meal concept. Unlike other packaging options, CPET trays are recyclable and feature precision control over crystallinity. They are also ideal for bulk meals and can be distributed from central to regional locations. Furthermore, they are flexible and allow local kitchen staff to provide individual servings of meals to consumers. This is a great benefit for food producers. So, if you are looking for a CPET tray for your food products, be sure to check out the following information.




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