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Customized disposable paper cups


At present, there are more than 2,000 paper food packaging enterprises in the country, and small workshops without filing are estimated to add zero. In the face of the mixed paper cup market, how do people who need to order disposable paper cups choose good quality paper cups? To this end, we have compiled and summarized several aspects that need to be paid attention to when ordering a disposable paper cup for your reference.

First, when ordering a disposable paper cup, you must first look for the QS mark. According to the requirements of the AQSIQ, products such as food paper packaging containers must have the QS mark to be sold.

Second, when ordering a disposable paper cup, you must understand that the product logo should be complete. The complete product logo of the paper cup includes the product name, the inferior paper cup of the restaurant, the trademark, the implementation of the standard number, the production date and shelf life or the production batch number and the limited date, product type, specification, registration and quantity, product qualification mark, production The name and address of the business (or agent).

Third, when you order a disposable paper cup, do not choose paper cups with too many patterns and bright colors. Although it is not possible to identify the paper cups with the naked eye, try not to buy too expensive paper cups. If the quality of the ink used in the paper cup is poor and the printing technology is not enough, it will cause the ink to come into contact with the paper cup through the mouth and cause damage to the body, or stick to the hand when the hand touches, and there is a health hazard. In addition, paper cups should be stored in a ventilated, cool, and dry place.

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