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Do you know what the labels of these disposable packaging boxes mean?


With the gradual growth of the takeaway market, the competition among takeaway vendors has extended from quality and low prices to takeaway speed, takeaway packaging, and so on. Indeed, in all kinds of take-out food, the exquisite packaging is indeed more likely to attract our attention. But is it safe to be packaged well? Most people think that a plastic lunch box is just a container, but they often ignore whether it is healthy or harmful to the human body. Today, I will introduce to you some common sense of labeling to distinguish the uses of disposable packaging boxes.

1. The number "1", made of PET, is mainly used in mineral water bottles, carbonated beverage bottles, etc.; heat-resistant to 65 degrees Celsius, and cold-resistant to -20 degrees Celsius.

2. The number "2", made of HDPE, is mainly used to make packaging for cleaning products and bath products;

3. The number "3", made of PVC, is mainly used to make some decorative materials, and is rarely used for food packaging; it is heat-resistant to 81 degrees Celsius. Note: it cannot be used for food packaging.

4. The number "4", made of LDPE, is mainly used to make cling film and plastic film; heat-resistant to 110 degrees Celsius, please note that do not wrap food with cling film when heating in a microwave oven.

5. The number "5", made of PP, is mainly used for soy milk bottles, yogurt bottles, juice beverage bottles, microwave lunch boxes, and it must be resistant to high temperature to 120 degrees Celsius and low temperature to -20 degrees Celsius.

6. The number "6", made of PS, is generally used in bowls of instant noodle boxes and fast food boxes; temperature resistance to 70 degrees Celsius;

7. The number "7", made of PC, is generally used for kettles, water cups, and baby bottles;

From the above we can see that the packaging boxes labeled 1-4 are generally not used to carry food, and most of the lunch boxes and hot drink cups used for packaging are made of PVC plastic No. 5 PP disposable packaging boxes, which need to be paid attention to. Many restaurants use No. 6 PS plastic, and the heat resistance of PS plastic is only 70 degrees Celsius, so try to avoid using No. 6 PS to pack hot food. We are ordering. When ordering or ordering food, you must pay attention to what type of PVC plastic packing box is used. After all, these daily things are also closely related to our health.


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