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Etiquette on the use of tableware in Chinese?


China is a country of etiquette, and there are many things to pay attention to in terms of eating and eating utensils. The following disposable utensils manufacturers will give you a brief summary of the etiquette of using Chinese food utensils, I hope you like it, there are some wrong places, please also correct!

In fact, more and more people eat with their left spoon and right chopsticks. When eating, use chopsticks to put food in a spoon, and then use a spoon to deliver food to your mouth. In this way, chopsticks play a very small role. I wonder if it is influenced by Western food.

In childhood, parents were absolutely not allowed to hold tableware with both hands. Therefore, to see such use of tableware, it is particularly inappropriate and unacceptable. The difference of tableware between China, Japan and Korea. China is the soup of bamboo or wooden chopsticks and ceramics, Korea is the metal chopsticks and Korean long handle metal spoon, Japan is the bamboo or wooden chopsticks. Traditionally, Chinese people only use spoons when they drink soup, mainly chopsticks; Korean cuisine takes soup as the main food, rice is soaked in soup, spoons play a larger role; Japanese tableware does not match spoons, and chopsticks are also used when drinking soup. From this we can see the importance of chopsticks from high to low, Japan, China and Korea.

Although the meals of the three countries are different, they all have the same points: holding tableware in one hand, putting down chopsticks when using spoons, and putting down spoons when using chopsticks. It seems that children nowadays do not have such education. There is no right or wrong, but there should be a standard of use. Japan has done a good job in this respect. We should learn from it. In addition, the use of chopsticks skills are "clip", "pick", "pull", "tie". I think the clip is advanced, and tie the lowest. Try not to "tie" the way.

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