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EVOH is made up of ethylene and vinyl alcohol monomer units

EVOH Barrier Tray is a 5-layer high-barrier retort tray with a film structure of PP/TIE/EVOH/PP. The EVOH layer provides excellent oxygen barrier protection. The nonpeelable film is heat-sealed for improved food safety. PP barrier retort trays comply with US FDA, BRC, and BGA regulations.
EVOH is made up of ethylene and vinyl alcohol monomer units. It is an organic polymer that contains hydroxyl groups, which cause inter-molecular bonding. Its gas barrier properties are attributed to its moisture sensitivity and its ability to resist water. However, the material is very difficult to synthesize and is also very soluble in water. It is used in flexible trays for the same reason as rigid trays, but it is much more flexible.
EVOH is a versatile material with many benefits. It is a natural barrier to oxygen, which keeps food ingredients fresh for long periods of time. It also reduces the need for preservatives. The EVOH barrier layer offers long-term shelf life, resulting in reduced oxygen transmission. Moreover, it can be printed with high-quality graphics and is environmentally friendly, which makes it an excellent choice for airline use.
The EVOH Barrier Tray is made from flexible thermoplastic ethylene. EVOH can be easily produced and has a long shelf life. It is economical and easy to process. Because of its unique properties, it can be molded and printed. As a result, it reduces the thickness of the packaging. Furthermore, EVOH is biodegradable, which makes it a good choice for air-flight-friendly containers.
EVOH Barrier Tray can increase the shelf life of products by extending their shelf life. It can also be used in rigid trays. Because it is so flexible, EVOH can be incorporated in a multi-layer co-extruded rollstock or an extrusion laminated structure. It is a great choice for food packaging as it can be processed easily and is inexpensive.
EVOH is the most popular type of oxygen barrier material. Its transparent properties allow it to be processed easily. Its high-quality graphics allow it to be processed economically. EVOH is an environmentally-friendly material. The EVOH Barrier Tray is a great choice for airline packaging. This is a great material for airline use. All the advantages of EVOH make it an excellent choice for packaging.
The EVOH barrier material has excellent oxygen barrier and superior transparency. EVOH films are ideal for preserving food color and flavor for long periods. With a strong antistatic property, EVOH has the highest barrier resistance of any material. Further, EVOH is highly resistant to oil and acidic materials. Hence, EVOH offers superior moisture barrier properties. It can also be used for packaging perishable foods and liquids.

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