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EVOH is the perfect material for food and pet food packaging

EVOH plastic tray has a number of benefits over traditional thermoplastic resins. Its superior oxygen barrier and clarity make it ideal for ensuring the freshness of food over extended periods of storage. Additionally, EVOH produces excellent clarity and gloss. It is also highly anti-static, preventing dust from adhering to its surface. All of these benefits make EVOH a great choice for the food packaging industry.
EVOH is resistant to organic solvents and oils, making it an excellent choice for packing perishable goods like food. The EVOH coating is particularly effective in reducing the risk of food spoilage. The EVOH barrier properties also make it an ideal material for packaging products such as cosmetics and drugs. Its low-permeability characteristics make it an ideal choice for preserving food. In addition, the EVOH film's resistance to moisture and air makes it an excellent choice for high-end food packaging.
EVOH is a multilayer film made of carbon, oxygen, and hydrogen. Its barrier property helps food items remain fresh during the supply chain. Furthermore, it also helps in reducing waste due to evaporation, making it ideal for use in packaging of fresh foods. A key benefit of EVOH film is its low permeability to light. Further, EVOH is an excellent material for food packaging because it is transparent and has an anti-odor property.
EVOH coatings are excellent in barrier properties. The EVOH layer is highly resistant to oils and other organic solvents, making it the ideal choice for packing perishable goods. EVOH is a popular option for packaging food and pet products, as it has excellent barrier properties. In addition to its barrier property, EVOH is highly resistant to light, making it the ideal material for many industries. Despite its high-level of resistance, EVOH is a great alternative for some products.
The material composition of EVOH is suitable for a range of applications. Its excellent barrier properties make it ideal for packaging oily foods, as it reduces oxygen permeation. Moreover, the EVOH material is highly resistant to water, oxygen, and heat. As a result, EVOH is the perfect material for food and pet food packaging. It is also highly recyclable, and does not pose any environmental or health risk to the environment.
EVOH is a versatile material, which is highly resistant to organic solvents and oils. Hence, it is ideal for packing pet food, drugs, and cosmetics. Its excellent barrier properties make it a popular choice among packers who use gas flushing, which replaces oxygen with nitrogen. However, EVOH does not have as much barrier strength as paper/PE, but it is still an excellent choice for certain applications.

Custom LP9540 High barrier PP MAP tray for fresh or frozen food packaging


Specification: 220 x168x30(mm)

Material: PP

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