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EVOH trays are an excellent choice for airline

EVOH Trays
EVOH trays are an excellent choice for airline use due to their high level of oxygen barrier properties. They also reduce the need for added preservatives, making them a cost-effective solution in the marketplace. As an added benefit, EVOH can be easily and economically processed, reducing the thickness of the trays while maintaining the barrier properties.
EVOH is a polymer that consists of ethylene and vinyl alcohol monomer units. Both of these units have hydroxyl groups, which create the inter-molecular bonds that make EVOH a great barrier material. The vinyl alcohol units are known to be water-soluble and difficult to synthesize, but the ethylene units are highly resistant to water.
EVOH trays are available in multi-layer configurations to provide the best protection against air, moisture, and gases. This helps to extend the shelf-life of the food and reduce food waste. They also meet the strictest food safety regulations. This means that EVOH trays are an excellent choice for a wide range of food applications. The benefits of using EVOH trays are numerous. When a food packaging manufacturer uses one of these trays, it helps to preserve the food's quality and flavour.
Microscopically, the EVOH layer thickness was measured at strategic locations on three-layered trays. These locations included the bottoms, sides, and corners. The thickness of the EVOH layer in these locations was recorded as a percentage. The average EVOH% in these locations was compared to the EVOH% in the initial sheets. The results were similar to global thickness values.
EVOH resins have an increasing demand in the food packaging industry. This type of plastic is highly resistant to external agents and can increase the shelf life of food products. They are also ideal for aseptic filling and demanding sterilization processes. These advantages of EVOH packaging are just a few of the reasons the market for EVOH is booming.
The OTR data was obtained using a Q200 differential scanning calorimeter. Thermoformed samples were heated at a rate of 10 degC/min from 25 to 220 degC. Then they were cooled to 25 degC. Various EVOH trays were exposed to oxygen from the outside at selected locations on the trays. The resulting DSC curves were used to calculate the degree of crystallinity and melt enthalpy.
The films exhibited high antioxidant activity. They also enhanced sardine stability. The films also exhibited excellent barrier and thermal properties. However, the most significant benefit was that they can resist oxidation. The oxidative properties of the films make them an excellent choice for food packaging. They are also extremely easy to clean and store.
The EVOH film is a versatile thermoplastic material. It is clear, glossy, and has excellent barrier properties. However, it loses its moisture-obstructing qualities when exposed to dampness. This material is often used by food manufacturers around the world.

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