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Examples of Moisture Retention Trays

These unique and highly effective trays are used for a variety of applications in the food service and retail meat industries. They are available in a variety of standard sizes and colors, as well as custom sizes. These trays are used to hold liquids while facilitating easy rinsing and recycling. Read on for more information on Moisture Retention Trays. Here are a few examples of applications for these trays.
Examples of Moisture Retention Trays

Fresh produce packaging made of most polymeric materials has a significantly lower water vapour transmission rate than the fresh produce itself, resulting in high levels of humidity inside the package.
To address this problem, a new generation of humidity-regulating trays was created. These trays were made of a thermoformed multilayer structure and were designed for controlled moisture absorption at various RH levels. The trays contained seven grams of water and were sealed using a high barrier lidding film. The headspace relative humidity was monitored for 16 days to assess how well they absorbed water vapour.
During laboratory tests, a tunable gas was used to increase the water-retention capacity of PET-coated plastic trays. The oxygen plasma treatment significantly improved the wettability of the capillary recesses, compared to untreated samples. In addition to improving surface wettability, plasma treatment can also improve the water-retention capacity of plastic trays. This treatment is ideal for packaging meat and poultry, and is compatible with mono-material packaging.
For bigger rooms, larger humidity trays are recommended. The types of humidity-retention trays vary depending on the size and type of plants. For larger trays, river rocks, gravel, and glass are recommended, while pebbles and small rocks are best for smaller ones. The pebbles will also prevent root rot and water-based problems. These are just a few examples of moisture-retention trays, and it is essential to determine the size and type of humidity-retention tray you need for your room.

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